Below is attached a link to a video made by Mr. Martin detailing the plan moving forward: Mr. Martin’s Distance Learning Plan

What Does This Mean?
This means that for Marking Period 6, your work will count. In order to make sure that we are all on track, this policy has been put in place to be flexible, but also make sure we are prepared to start next school year fresh!

What Do You Mean This Counts?
Every week, you’ll have two assignments in the gradebook. One for your participation in the twice weekly google hangout meets and one for your completion of your weekly assignments.

Per Mr. Martin’s e-mail to parents:

  • Starting this Monday April 20th, students need to check in with their teachers twice a week and submit their work in order by Fridays to get credit for 2nd semester.
  • Students who are checking in regularly and passing 75% of their assignments have the ability to earn an “A” on their report card for 6th card marking and semester 2. Go get those A’s!

    So, Long story short, if you check in and do your work, you’ll pass. Likely with an A. It’s pretty easy. If you do absolutely nothing and I never see you at check-in, you will not pass.

So, What’s the Check-In Schedule?

What Are the Expectations for Google Meet?

The expectations are that YOU, the student, will take the initiative to check in with me according to your scheduled times. You will get weekly invitations to the hangout and I will be recording who shows up and who does not.

In these Google Meets, you are expected to be professional and respectful. This means you don’t use coarse language, you ask questions appropriately, you don’t interrupt, etc. If you are not being respectful of the space and the chat, then you will be removed from that day’s meet and will not get credit for checking in. Be good.

This is a good time to ask questions about your work, to clarify anything that you think you need to clarify, etc. This is a CHECK IN. This will not be a lecture.

What Will My Grades Look Like?

Well, every week you will have two assignments posted to the Google Classroom on SUNDAYS at NOON. Per the new policy, you have all week to complete them, but they must be turned in by FRIDAY at 10am, and they will be graded as quickly as possible. There will be TWO WEEKLY GRADES in the grade book:
1. Weekly Check-In Participation
2. Weekly Assignment Completion

If you get at least a 75% on your work, you’ll have earned an A. (Get the A, guys! It’s not hard!!
If you do absolutely nothing, if you do not check in and do not do any of your assignments, you will not receive credit.

What if I Can’t Check In or Complete My Work?

I fully understand that this time is strange, stressful, and also dangerous. There are a lot of factors influencing our lives right now and sometimes, we may not be able to check in at the right time or complete our work. It happens. What I need from you in that case is for you to clearly communicate to me that you can’t do what’s being asked of you and then you and I can make alternate arrangements that work for us both. This DOES NOT mean you’re just excused from the work. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the expectation is that we can work something out for you to be able to get your stuff done at some point and check in with me when you can. Talk to me and we can always figure something out.

I will do the same. Just like you, I have people I need to take care of, and circumstances that could interfere with the allotted scheduled times. If that is the case, I will also communicate that to you and make alternate arrangements.

The priority here is that you are all being safe and healthy. So, again, do not put yourself or others in danger. Make those arrangements if you need to.

Lastly: Be safe, Wash your hands, and Don’t Touch Your Face!! See you all at Check-In.

Welcome back everyone!
I hope you had a restful spring break and that you and yours are healthy and well! Your first activity for this week is an easy one that is on the Google Classroom. It is called “Welcome Back From Spring Break” Go forth!!

Hey all! Hope you’re staying safe and distanced! All I’m going to ask that you do for your second activity is to get caught up on anything you have not finished in the last few weeks away.

This coming week is our spring break, so I will not be available until we are back on the 14! If you have any questions hang onto them until then. Hopefully you will all also take the week and decompress from the stress of what is happening in the world right now! Have a happy, safe, distanced break! Talk to y’all on the other side 🙂

Hi Guys! Keep an eye on the Google Classroom tomorrow for your second activity! Stay safe out there!

Hi guys!
Checking in! Any questions, email me! Your second activity will be live on Google Classroom tomorrow! Stay safe out there.

And so, week 3 begins!
TOMORROW, your first activity of this week will be up and running on the Google Classroom. I still want to see your best memes! Bring them on!

Ok, y’all! Your second activity for the week is up! It is called “TKAM Meme!” So far they’re looking pretty good!! I’ll post some good ones on the blog once I get them all. Stay safe out there!

Hi All!
Just a quick check in and reminder that your next activity will go live on Google Classroom TOMORROW 3/25 at 8:00 am!! Keep an eye out! Stay safe and healthy!

Hi, Everyone! Here we are, in week 2 already! Hopefully this continues to go quickly and we can get back into the classrooms together.

Your first activity of the week is up on Google Classroom. It’s called “Article of the Week: Emmett Till”

Work at your own pace, look for feedback from last week. Your next activity will be live on Wednesday.

Stay safe out there!

Happy Friday!

Hope you’re all staying safe and social distancing. Reminder: ill be checking your stuff and leaving feedback for you by next week! Keep an eye out on Monday for the first of next week’s work!

Due Today:
1. Literary Techniques Organizer
2. Reader’s Response Letter