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Summer School Rules and Policies

DHS 2022

Attendance Policy

  1. Students are allowed two absences, 4 tardies =1 absence, 2 Lates = 1 absence (any student late more than 15 minutes is considered absent). 


  1. Students can only use the designated restrooms. 
  2. The Dearborn Public Schools Student Code of Conduct will be followed.
  3.  If a student breaks the student code of conduct their suspension will count against their attendance record.
  4. Discipline issues that will result in an automatic removal from summer school: 

 Reckless Driving


Threatening behavior

Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment

Vaping + Police Citation 

  1. Cell phones must be off and out of sight during class time. 
  2. Students cannot be in unassigned areas of the building.
  3. Students must park in the designated student parking (parking lot  

across Outer Drive) or will be subject to a ticket and possible towing.

  1. Students must exit the building immediately after class is dismissed. Please ensure you are picked up with 10 minutes of dismissal. 
  2. Please keep our building clean.


  1. Teachers will not provide passes to the bathrooms.  Security will escort you. 
  2. Report cards will be posted through parent and student connect.