Well-being Schedule

For years, research has informed us of the importance of keeping a regular schedule. Well, now’s your opportunity to try it. In the table below, we have put together a suggested schedule to keep daily. Of course, you are going to modify the schedule to fit yours and your families needs. We just offered this […]

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Activities to keep you busy!

Keeping a journal of your day Reading books, articles, newspapers and comic books Making slime Playing board games Playing trivia Art projects Make up missing work Call a friend Draw Clean and organize Go around the room and ask students to name foods, cities, countries, boys’ names, or girls’ names in A-B-C order. (Scholastic.com) Call […]

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is the short name for “coronavirus disease 2019.” It is a new virus. Doctors and scientists are still learning about it. Recently, this virus has made a lot of people sick. Scientists and doctors think that most people will be ok, especially kids, but some people might get pretty sick. Doctors […]

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Mindful Listening Activity

1.Sit with your back straight and your body relaxed, resting your hands gently on your knees, and close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Notice what it feels like to breathe in and out right now. 2.Listen to the sounds in the room. Relax and listen-they’ll come to you. (Can list examples to […]

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Mindfulness Practices that can be implemented at home or school.

What is mindfulness? MINDFULNESS: is “the process of noticing novel distinctions” or is the practice of paying purposeful attention to the present moment, without making any judgments. What is mindfulness listening? MINDFUL LISTENING: helps us choose which sounds to focus our attention on and how we will respond to the words of others. PURPOSE: become […]

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