Lesson Plans for May 4, 2020

Spelling Words:
right   light   fight   flight  might  new went  ask  are  put 


Pick at least four spelling words and write a sentence for each word.  Include an adjective in each sentence.


Read at least one book on Kids a-z (informational)  and answer the questions.

Look for any informational text features in the book you read. (bold print, picture captions, diagrams, headings)


Before starting the lesson you will need: 

40 small objects

Paper and pencil

White board and marker (optional)

Click on the link below to watch the math lesson: Module 4, Lesson 8 Part 1.

Lesson 8

Below the video there is a link to download the problem set.  You don’t have to print.  Just write the answers on paper.

Click on the link to watch the writing lesson. You will be writing a plan for your writing. SAVE your paper for tomorrow. We will make changes to it all week. Thanks to Mrs. Shell for doing this video lesson.
Writing Plan Lesson

Sight Words:

Practice your sight word flashcards with someone. Put the words that were a bit slower in a separate pile and practice them again.

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