Week 7- Assignments

Must Do: All assignments are on google classroom to turn in digitally, the assignments below are for your overview of the week’s work. Please visit classwork in google classroom for further instructions. 

  • spelling assignments 
  • 30 minutes reading DAILY
  • Freckle- Reading articles and Math Practices
  • Daily journal entry (Work on Writing)

Spelling practices for Week 7

  • Monday– write four times each
  • Tuesday-vowels in red/consonant in blue
  • Wednesday-sentences using your spelling words
  • Thursday– alphabetical order
  • Friday– rainbow writing
  1. Hid
  2. Stood
  3. Went
  4. Told
  5. Wrote
  6. Made
  7. Spoke
  8. Gone
  9. Sold
  10. Began 

Work on Writing


You are going on a trip, but can only take 5 items with you. Which items would you pick? Why did you pick those items?


Would you rather ride rollercoasters or waterslides? Give me three reasons why?


Tell me the story about how your parents chose your name? Was it passed down from family tradition, religion, culture, location, or pop culture?


Would you rather live on a farm or in a city? Why?

Writer’s Workshop (Assignment)

Informational Writing- Write about the stages of the plant cycle.What are the parts of a plant and how does it function for the plant. This should be three paragraphs with an introduction, the second paragraph with the body part of a plant with it’s function, and lastly the conclusion of why plants are so important to us. Below is a diagram of a plant and with its parts and functions to use for reference. 

See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

Freckle- class code: nasraw

Readworks http://www.readworks.org/student

Class code- 5G2XGG

Password- 1234

My Bean Plant

An Adventure in Africa


What is a Bird?

All About Money

Scholastic News Articles:https://scholasticnews.scholastic.com

  • Go to Grade 2
  • Log in
  • click on student
  • our class code is nasrallah109

After reading a book daily fill out the following comprehension questions ..

Fiction books



Text  Type-


1. What is the author’s purpose for this book?

2. What is the problem in the story? 

3. How was the problem solved?

4.How did the character in the story act throughout the story?

5.  This story reminds me of a time I ….

Nonfiction Books



Text  Type-


1. What is the main idea of this book?

2. The three facts I learned are….

3. After using the glossary pick two words and write the  meaning.

4. The photograph that helped me understand the text more is …….. .

5. After reading this book I now know more about…..

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