Music Enrichment Videos

Bonus Challenge Video

Introducing The Quarter Rest – Please Move Your Hands Up and Down Once For Each Quarter Rest Or Say Shhhh For Each Quarter Rest Like They Do In The Video

Introducing The Half Note – Please Say A Long Ta For The Half Note

Round And Round, We Must Go – Singing Game

Epo I Tai Tai E – A Body Percussion Singing Game from New Zealand

Great Big House In New Orleans – American Folk Song

Introduction of the Sixthteenth Notes

La Bamba – Mexican Folk Song

Introduction To The Accent

Shake The Papaya Down – Jamaican Children’s Song

Experiencing Syncopation

Syncopation is when the notes do not always fall on the steady beat

Che Che Koolay – Ghana, Africa

Jump Jim Joe – A Favorite Singing Game In Class!

Clapping A Rhythm To The Sugar Plum Fairy Song

Bim Bum – A Clapping Game Song

Elements Of Music – Pitch

Elements of Music – Rhythm

Elements of Music – Tempo

Elements of Music – Dynamics

Three Unusual Instruments – Hang Drum, Kalimba, Native American Style Flute

Kalimba or Mbira

Kalimba or Mbira with the Hand Pans

Singing Games

I Let Her Go, Go

Singing Games

Peg Let The Priate

Video Stories

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen Song

Meet The Instruments Of The Orchestra and/or Band

Learning How Instruments Look and How Instruments Sound

Sally Go Round The Sun – Singing Game

Sally Go Round The Sun – Singing Game

Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes – Video Stories

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Singing Game

Brown Bear, Brown Bear story with singing

A new Singing Game

A Tisket, A Tasket

Yo, Ho, I Pull The Anchor – Singing Game – We Learned This in Class

Making and Reading Music Video for Kids


Learning about the Eighth Note

Continuing to Learn about the Whole Note, Half Note, and the Quarter Note

Making and Reading the Whole Note, Half Note, and the Quarter Note.

Solo Oud and Ceramic Darbuka

Darbuka Drums

Top Ten Darbuka Drum Rhythms

Jalikunda African Drums take the Montserrat African Music Festival by storm.