Quaver – An Online Music Learning Resource

Dear Families and Students,

The Dearborn Public Schools has purchased the rights for all of our students to utilize Quaver, again, for this year!  Yea!  This is a great online Music Resource.

To register your child and/or children for Quaver, please follow the following steps.

If you want to be able to use all of the functions of Quaver and have your child and/or children to have access to Quaver, which is an online Music Learning Resource, you will need to reigster your child and/or children register via clever.from home,.

You do not need a code.

Please log into your child’s and/or children’s student portal individually.

Click on Clever.

Then, click on Quaver.

***When the Quaver Screen comes up, you will need to click NO.

That is it! There is no Code, nothing else that needs to be done.

Again, please have your child and/or children,  

1. LOG in to to Dearborn schools like they ALWAYS DO

2. Click CLEVER



Then, your child and/or children will be all set to access Quaver, which is an online Music Learning Resource that the Dearborn Public Schools have purchased the rights to share with all of our DPS students. 

Please let me know if you need any assistance.  Please feel free to contact me via email at wilderj@dearbornschools.org, and via Schoolog, and I will assist you. 


JaNell Wilder

The link to Quaver is listed below.