Singing Games

Dear Families,

This page will be dedicated to assisting you and your child and/or children learn some singing games. Some of these games will be games that we have played in class and some of these will be new games that we haven’t done in class, yet.



Ms. Wilder

Doggie, Doggie

Peg Leg The Pirate

Peg Leg the Pirate

I had a ton of fun teaching “Peg Leg the Pirate” today! Since all of my students are new to me this year, my sequence is a little bit out of order. So, I am currently teaching low la and syncopa together. I have found that there is a ton of repertoire that works with this combination! Some great pieces I have found are Canoe Song, Land of the Silver Birch, Old House, My Good Old Man, and Peg Leg the Pirate. 
Here is the song… 

If you haven’t played the game before, I encourage you to try it out! My kids really love it! 

Two Fine Ladies

Remember: We say “Took a walk along the sea” for the second sentence.

Jump Jim Joe – A Favorite Singing Game In Class!

Bim Bum – A Clapping Game Song

I Let Her Go, Go Singing Game

Peg Leg The Pirate Singing Game

Sally Go Round The Sun Singing Game

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Singing Game

A New Singing Game!

A Tisket, A Tasket.

This is also another singing game that we have played in class and it is liked by all.

Bluebird, Bluebird, Through My Window

This is a slightly different version of the game that we played in class, but this looks like a fun way to play the singing game, as well.

This is a singing game that we have played in class and you child

and/or children enjoyed it very much.

“Yo Ho! I Pull the Anchor”- Music Milkshake