Elements Of Music – Pitch

Dear Families,

This page is dedicated to another elements of music, which is pitch. There will be a variety of videos, activities, and/or other information related to pich on this page.


Ms. Wilder

Information About How Pitches or Notes Can Move

Pitches or Notes Can Move Up

Quarter note - Wikipedia

Pitches or Notes Can Stay The Same or Not Move

Note Duration Technique 1: Quarter Note, Half Note, & Whole Note ...

Pitches or Notes Can Leap or Skip Line Or Space Notes In Between Them

Note lengths - Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and much ...

Round And Round, We Must Go – Singing Game

Great Big House In New Orleans – American Folk Song

La Bamba – Mexican Folk Song

Shake The Papaya Down – Jamaican Children’s Song

Che Che Koolay – Ghana, Africa

Bim Bum – A Clapping Song Game

I found a cute clapping game song titled Bim Bum, which will be so much fun to you and your child and/or children to sing and clap to. The tricky part is that it keeps getting faster and faster. Can you sing along and clap the rhythm as the song gets faster and faster? I feel certain that you can!

The Do Re Mi So challenge


Can you sing the solfege and sing the right pitches at the same time?