9/22/2020 Assignments


1. Take a picture of your own workspace


Reflect on your workspace. How does your workspace make you feel ready to learn? What materials do you have in your workspace? 

My workspace makes me feel ready to learn because ___________.

The materials I have around me in my workspace are ____________.

Now, I want to see your workspace! Ask an adult to help you!


Read for 15 minutes on getepic.com   classcode: rnc7925


Subtract the following problems:

91- 40= 

45-14 =

96-71 = 

55 – 10= 

Adding the following problems:

32 +51=

17 +20=

63+ 11=

10 + 40=

Brainpop jr.:

Draw and label your schools community. We started in class you just need to color and add details.


Username: Student2nd

password: student2nd

Today’s Special is Art. Make sure you go onto schoology to do the teachers work!!

Thank you,

Ms. Mosed

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