Week of December 15th

Wow! These are the last few days before the break! I am so proud of where the children are thus far!

This definitely a review week!

Please review the sight words: the, can, we, see, will, have, help, it, is in, like, a, go, to, I, because (test when we return from break)

Please review all letters and letter sounds (we are working on inventive spelling and this would help if your child knows all the sounds- most of the kids do).

We are reading many holiday, new year and winter stories! We are creating projects that are content related. You should see items coming home this week!

We are practice counting by 5’s to 100. We will explore and use a calculator. Allow your child to find a calculator on the computer, i-pod, i-pads and even your cell phone! We will be graphing and identify missing numbers from 0-40.

We have been discussing the seasons. We created a diagram to go into our science journal. We focused a lot on season changing from fall to winter. We are discussing hibernation and the types of animals that hibernate. We discussed how the season change is a cycle and it repeats.

We reviewed wants, needs, goods, services and trade. We practiced ways of trading with items as well as money.  We also reviewed concepts such as yesterday, today and tomorrow by recalling things that we did. We also started talking about how we can learn from the past by looking at pictures or asking an older family member.

A couple of reminders:

Wednesday, 17th: book checkout

Thursday, 18th: Class celebration before break. Please send in items in the morning.

Friday, 19th: School Sing Along, Locks of Love event and Family Movie Night.

Last day Friday, December 19th. Return to school January 5th.

Have a great break and holiday!

Ms. Mohamed

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