Reading: We will reading  non-fiction text and searching for the main idea and identifying one detail. We will read about animals and their habitats. your child should say: The book’s main idea is about ___. The ___ lives in a ___habitat.

Sight words: for, you, me, love

Word family: -et (pet, met, set, bet, jet, let, net)

Phonics: th digraph (thumb, thermos, thirty)

Spelling Words: for, you, me, get, set, met

Writing: We will be writing about animal habitats. We will state and write our main idea and one detail about their habitat. We will do different animals each day to encourage continued practice.

Math: We will continue to explore measurement using the pan balance. We will also explore which items are heavier and lighter in comparison to each other. We will also establish a standard weight amount (pennies) to use on a balance to compare to other objects.  When working on the homework, you will notice that a pan balance is a tool to help compare weight of two objects.

Fun game to practice with:

Science: We will explore different types of wind. We will learn different winds can be found in severe weather types such as tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis.


Homework Feb. 12th  <<<<attached Due: Friday, Feb. 16th

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, Feb. 14th. If you would like to send your child with valentines or a treat to share on that day, we have 23 students. This is optional.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed


Enjoy your 3 day weekend and be safe!

Reading: This week is all about informational-nonfiction books. We will look at different animals this week and explore text features of each book. Next time you pick up a book identify is it fiction (fake- not real) or nonfiction (real). Point out these features:

  • photographs
  • table of contents
  • glossary
  • captions
  • headings

Sight words: up, down

Word family: -an (fan, can, man, pan etc)

Spelling Test on Friday: ran, fan, tan, up, down

Writing: We will write an informational piece comparing 2 animals we have discussed. We will create a venn diagram comparing polar bears and penguins. We will identify how they are alike and different and then we will write about how they are the same. Sentence stems will be:

Polar bears and penguins are arctic animals.

They can __.

They also can __.

Math: Lessons 5-8: We will compare lengths using linking cubes as units of measure. We will compare it to other groups of linking cubes. We will also measure common items in the classroom using the linking cubes. We will also find items that are the same amount of linking cubes. We will also start the discussion of measurement of weight- key words: heavier and lighter. Homework daily Monday-Thursday.

Social Studies: We will discuss a student’s role at home, at school and in their community. We will identify if they are a sibling and their responsibilities wherever they may be.

HOMEWORK: It is sent home on Monday and due Friday Feb. 9th

Homework Feb. 5th

Late Start Wednesday, Feb 7th

Have a great week!

Ms. Mohamed


New Unit: Animals-Arctic 

Reading: Polar Bears; Polar bear in action; Polar bears for kindergarten


  • ask and answer questions
  • collecting facts and record into writing on a web and sentences
  • inventive spelling emphasizing beginning, middle and end sounds for each word
  • identifying and learning new words

Phonics: ch- (onset-example: cheese, chat, choose, cheek)

Spelling Words: mat, cat, pat, come, said


Writing: we will be writing an informational piece about polar bears. We will listen and learn new information about polar bears. We will create a web together and write sentences from the web we created. It will contain real life facts about polar bears.

Math: We are learning about measurement. Our focus will be comparing lengths taller and shorter; measuring with string; comparing objects longer and shorter; comparing length cube sticks to 5 sticks to objects.

Science: We will explore the weather in the sky. Different types of severe weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes. We will discuss what a forecast is and its importance.

*****Weekly homework will be sent every Monday. It will include the spelling list of the week, the beginning sound of the week and daily math homework. It will be due on Fridays. If there is no school on Friday, then it will be due the following Monday. Also, there will be reminders of what is happening during the week on the first page.  Below is a copy of the weekly homework if your child happens to lose it or not bring it home:

homework 1-29 page 1

homework 1-29 page 2

homework 1-29 page 3

homework 1-29 page 4

homework 1-29 page 5 

homework 1-29 page 6


  • No school for kindergarten only- Friday, Feb. 2!

Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me!

Ms. Mohamed

Reading: We will be reading Pancakes, Pancakes; Pizza at Sally’s; Yoko; Tops and Bottoms

All the stories are available on youtube if you would like to review with your child.


  • Retell-Sequence a story using pictures and terms-first, next, then, last
  • Review: nouns and verbs
  • Segmenting and blending
  • Identify beginning, medial and final sounds

Sight words: big, little

Phonemic awareness: long vowel u ie. tube, mule, cube, rule, mute, etc.. Below is a website that can help:

Writing: Informational writing: we will be writing about Arctic animals- Penguins and Polar bears. We will write a descriptive piece about the animals. We will write about what color they are, what size they are (using our sight words), how they move and what they eat.

Math: We will review geometry. I will be testing the shapes this week. We will name them.  We will sort 2d and 3d shapes. We will identify the shapes that when put together, they can make bigger and different shapes. for example, a square and a triangle can make a house.  We will also practice adding and subtracting fluently with 5. NWEA Math is this Thursday.

Science: We will discuss and try to build a structure that will protect us from the sun rays. We have come up with some good plans. This is the week to test and try out our ideas.


  • Thursday is out NWEA Math test.
  • Friday is a half day- dismissal at 11:45.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed

Unit 4: Week 2 Foods- What’s for Dinner?

Reading: We will be reading: Our Special Sweet Potato Pie; Juan and the cooking pot; Grandfather bear is hungry;

Poems: Crunch, Munch! Thanks a bunch; Crusty Corn Bread


  • Self to text connections- This story reminds me of ____
  • Review: Retell a story in sequence
  • Rhymes- Recognize and produce words that rhyme
  • noun-person place or thing: mom, dad, store, park, pencil, dog etc.
  • verb- action words: run, jump, walk, read, listen, talk etc
  • blend and segment 3 letter words-CVC: big, bag, top, tip, run, ran, fat, fan etc.
  • Identify short vowels a,e,i,o, u
  • Identify words that have long vowels: a,e,i,o (u coming up next week)

Sight words: look, make, will

Phonics: long i, long o

Writing: We will be writing a narrative about a time we went to a restaurant. We will practice with all the same sentence in the beginning: “One time, I went to a restaurant.” Then, we will follow that sentence with “I ate __.” Your child will be expected to inventive spell the food they ate.

One time, I went to a restaurant. I ate __. I ate__.

Math: We will be reviewing subtraction using pictures, story problems, simple subtraction and simple addition. We will also check for quick write of numbers 0-20, quick draw of how many, quick check of greater and less than using pictures and numbers.

Science: We will explore the warming effects of the sun. Your child will be in a group sketching out a plan on what they can build a structure with materials in the class. Then your child will have to build the structure.

Social Studies: I will be individually testing your child’s knowledge on:

  • needs
  • wants
  • goods
  • services
  • trade
  • ways to learn about the past

I will also be testing NWEA-Reading this Wednesday. I will also be checking your child’s reading level. Therefore, there will be no reading groups for the this week and next week- so no new books.

Any questions or concerns, please email me and I will be glad to set up an appointment. Have a fantastic week!

Ms. Mohamed



Students will take a social studies test. Content that we will cover:

  • needs
  • wants
  • goods
  • services
  • trade
  • what things can we use to learn about the past?

Math test:

  • counting 1-100
  • count by 10’s
  • count forward from a given number
  • count and write the quantity
  • greater than/less than/equal to
  • identify shapes- 2d 3d
  • what shapes can be built to make another shape
  • adding simple numbers 0-5
  • subtracting simple number 0-5
  • different ways to make a number using 5 frames and ten frames
  • writing a number sentence to match a number story read aloud

Reading Progress check:

  • identify what level they reading at
  • letter and sound check
  • Consonant vowel consonant-cvc-word read  ie: big, sun, top etc.
  • identify beginning middle end of a cvc word
  • identify beginning, middle, end of story
  • answer questions to story read aloud


  • Reading: 1-18-18
  • Math: 1-25-18

Below is a site to give you an idea what it looks like. There is a video and sample questions in both areas:

To make sure your child does well, you could:

  • Make sure they get enough sleep
  • They eat a good breakfast
  • Remind them to do their best

All students will be posted on Parent Connect Jan. 26th. If you have any questions, email me and we could arrange a time to talk about it.

Reminder: Monday is no school in honor Martin Luther King Jr! See you Tuesday!

Have a great three day weekend!

Ms. Mohamed



Welcome back! Hopefully we are recharged and ready!

Reading: Apple Farmer Annie; Pizza Please; The goat and the Chile patch; How to make a Veggie Pizza

Strategy focus: Making self to text connections

Sight word: do, not, eat

Letter focus: Long a; Long e

Writing: Opinion- we will be writing an opinion about whether we like winter season or not. Question: Do you like winter? Why or why not? Students will make a list of both why they like winter and why they do not like winter. They will then make a choice and use the reasons listed to defend their claim.

Sentence stem will be:

I like winter because___. or

I do not like winter because___.

Math: Counting on from numbers 5 or 10. Simple addition, simple subtraction, using a number line as a tool. Practice writing number 0-100 if possible. Expectation will be writing 0-50.


  • greater than/less than/equal to;
  • draw pictures to match math problem;
  • complete a number sentence;
  • answer simple addition and subtraction.

Science: We will explore warming effects of the sun. Students will construct a structure to protect them from the sun using materials provided from the teacher. Students will plan and build a structure to protect them from the warming effects of the sun.

Social Studies: Students will review need, wants, goods, services, trade. We will learn about the past by looking at pictures, old photos, using the computer & reading books.

Ms. Mohamed

As the year 2017 wraps up, I hope all of you enjoy this time together! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Ms. Mohamed

One more week until winter break!!!! After this week, we will be entering 2018!!! Wow! This year is flying!!!

This week in kindergarten:

Reading: The gingerbread man; The gingerbread baby; The gingerbread boy; The gingerbread girl.

Strategy focus:

  • Retell story using transitions: first, next, last
  • Compare text read aloud

Sight words: run, find (review all- test this week)

Letter knowledge: Short vowels a,e,i,o,u

Writing: Informational writing- we will be researching about Reindeer. We will write about what they are, what they have and what they can do. We will create a reindeer book to share by Friday.

Math: We will be reviewing graphing. We will explore story problems. The students will listen to a story problem. They will draw a picture. They will decide whether it is a addition or subtraction problem. They will complete a number sentence to match. The students will write the final answer. We will also fill in missing numbers as well. This will be coming home daily this week. So please follow up with your child!!

Science: We will continue to graph the weather on our December weather graph.

Social Studies: Timelines of our lives. Your child will be receiving winter packet Tuesday. One section discusses creating a timeline of your child’s life with your family. Instructions are included. Please send back on Monday, January 8th.


  • Winter break packet attached: winter break packet  hard copy coming home this Tuesday- There is more to it in the hard copy. It is due on Monday, January 8th.
  • STAND kids will be selling personalized Santa hats on Thursday for $2.  Each child may only purchase one hat.  Proceeds will be used to purchase fleece to make blankets for shelter animals.
  • Late Start On Wednesday, December 20
  • Winter break begins Saturday, December 23- Sunday, January 7th. School will resume Monday, January 8th.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed


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