Week of December 8th

Literacy Unit: What for Dinner?

Reading: We will be reading: Our Special Sweet Potato Pie. Its about a a town coming together to make a dinner We will also read 2 poems: Crusty corn bread and Crunch! Munch! Thanks a bunch! We will read Grandfather bear is hungry and Little Juan and the cooking pot.  Both stories is about using a recipe to make a meal.

Strategy: Comprehension- retelling, sequencing

Sight word: have, because (we are using “because” a lot in our writing for opinion writing)

Letter of the week: Cc

Writing: We will be writing a recipe together. We will also write about  cold foods we like to eat. We will also write why.

Math: We will revisit addends. We will revisit patterns. We will continue to practice counting. We are now counting and writing 0-40. We will also practice counting by 10’s to 100. We will explore the calculator this week.


Social Studies: We will review needs, wants, goods, services and trade.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

  • Holiday boutique sale
  • Library check out day

Ms. Mohamed

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