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I hope everyone had a wonderful break!

Our new unit is called: Animals-How they change and grow

Reading:We will be reading many different stories about animals this week. Mama Cat has 3 kittens, Lets go to the vet, 3 Little kittens, Mama Mouse and Elgato. We will be looking at which is fiction and non-fiction. Please have this discussion with your child.

Letter of the week: Oo (please review all the letters and and letter sounds Aa- Zz)

Sight words: red, yellow, blue (we will be having a sight word test on Friday)

Writing: We will be creating a book called I can___. We will be really pushing inventive spelling. Practice stretching out sounds for each word. Your child should know all the letters and letter sounds by now.

Math: We will be counting 0-50. We are now counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100. We will be revisiting shapes this week. We will discuss hoe 2 smaller shapes can make 1 big shape. We will also differentiate one-digit from two-digit numbers. We will revisit number stories and practice writing numbers 0-50. ¬†We will explore subtraction within 5.

Science: We will be exploring push and pull. We will discuss how gravity works. We will investigate magnets this week.

Social Studies: We will discuss our very first president George Washington.


*Homework for December logs are due. Please turn it in asap

*Because of the weather , please make sure your child is appropriate attire. Allow them to put their clothes on and zip up independently. This may take long and frustrating for parents that we want to get done quick-but trust me it is worthwhile later. Practice tying shoe laces also.




Ms. Mohamed

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