Thursday Dismissal

The Chatting with the Superintendent meeting begins at 3:30 pm for Staff. We will come out a different door for dismissal that day. Please allow us to go over to the covered sidewalk and then I will release the students. This is to ensure that all students are safe and accounted for.

Parents are welcome to enter the building at 4:30 pm using the doors we usually come out from for dismissal. This is a great way to ask questions to upper administration that you may have about the district- curriculums, start/end times, yearly calendars, etc.

Tuesday Update

Scholastic book fair wish lists are coming home today!

*Please circle or highlight which books you would like to purchase.

*Add tax and put money in zip lock. (Any change will be sent back home in that bag)

****I did not let them pick out toys… pencils, pointers, erasers, etc. If your child would like to buy a bookmark, dairy, or notebook, that is fine. I would really like the focus to be on BOOKS and not toys 🙂

*We shop first thing Wednesday morning. So make sure the order form and money is in red folders.

Chatting with the Superintendent will be on Thursday, March 23rd. Parents are invited at 4:30 pm. More information about this is posted on the schools blog and district website.

On Thursday, we will be coming out the Preschool doors. Students are to stay in line until we get to Door 18. Please do not try to take your child from line, this is to ensure that all students are safe and accounted for!

This week!

Hello Families!

Happy first day of spring!

Students will not have Daily Check-Ins this week.

Please complete the rest of the March Reading Log and hand it in THIS Friday 3-24-23.

Students will have Math Homework Monday-Wednesday and their normal Reading Homework, which is due Friday 3-24-22.

Spring Break is next Week!

Tomorrow, we will be previewing the Book Fair. Students will be able to buy from the Book Fair on Wednesday.

Have a great week!