Next Week- Please Read!

Hello Families!

Next week we will be starting NWEA Testing. Please make sure that your child gets a good night’s rest, has breakfast, and is on time to school. I will also be completing DRA Testing next week. So far, our kids have been doing AMAZING on their DRA tests!

Tuesday is our field trip to the Dearborn Historical Museum. We will be leaving around 9:30 am and returning before lunch.

Wednesday is Late Start and Thursday is our Spring Concert!

Please return your child’s Color Run Permission Slip by Friday, May 19th.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL our wonderful MOMS!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello Families!

What a beautiful day!

It is getting closer to the end of the year, but we have many VERY busy weeks ahead of us!

I will start DRA testing tomorrow, which will continue into next week. We will also be NWEA testing next week.

It is VERY important that your child gets a good night’s rest, eats a good breakfast, and arrives on time to school each day.

Important Dates:

5/15 to 5/19 NWEA and DRA Testing

5/16 Field Trip to Historical Museum

5/17 Late Start

5/18 Spring Concert

5/22 Montessori Night

5/23 Color Run

5/25 Field Trip Outdoor Adventure

5/26 to 5/29 No School

Have a wonderful evening!


Hello families!

I will be out tomorrow. Mrs. Salmassi will be taking care of our kids! Thank you Mrs. Salmassi!

We will be having a very busy Thursday and Friday! Please make sure everyone is on time 🙂 lots of activities that we need to get done!

Have a wonderful evening!

This Week!

Hello Families!

There will be no Daily Check-Ins today or Math homework. The building was having printer issues this morning and those copies did not get made.

Many students have been leaving early from school. If your child leaves early, he or she will be going home without their Yellow Folder. We do Yellow Folders at the every end of the day. Students that leave before 3:15 will be marked absent for the afternoon.

If your child is going to be absent, please email me and Mrs. Bernadette.

Important Dates:

Friday, May 5th- Popcorn Day

Tuesday, May 16th- Field Trip to Historical Musuem

Wednesday, May 17th- Late Start

Thursday, May 18th- Spring Concert

Monday, May 22nd- Montessori Night

Tuesday, May 23rd- Color Run (wear a white shirt)

Thursday, May 25th- Field Trip to Outdoor Adventure

Have a great night!


Field trip permission slips and money are due Monday. Please let me know if your child will not be attending the field trip.

Howe’s Talent Show coming SOON!

Performers Wanted! 

Talent Show flyers are going home TODAY!

Permission Slips are due Friday, May 12th!

Have a great weekend!


Hello Families!

There will be no homework tonight! Also, I did not get a chance to complete their Daily Check-Ins (I had a meeting during the time I usually complete these tasks). Tomorrow we will have homework and our Daily Check-Ins 🙂

Have a great night!

Weekly News!

Hello Families!

There will be no Spelling Words again this week. We have been learning about the schwa sound last week and this week. Next week, we will have Spelling Words over this phonics skill.

Daily Check-Ins are in each student’s folder along with Reading and Math homework. Some students have an invitation for Summer School in their folders today. Please read, sign, and return ASAP.

We started Module 8 in Math today. We will be going back and covering Modules 6 and 7 afterwards. We have also started our Narrative Writing Unit.


Late Start this Wednesday (4/26).

Field Trip Permission Slip and money due Monday, May 1st!

Have a great week!