Real baby kits getting fed!

Hi Class!

After reading our chapters today I thought it would be fun to see real baby kits getting fed with a syringe! This is how the kit gets fed in our story!

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Hi Class!

I hope you enjoyed this hot weather over the past two weeks! I am excited to see you all online again! I have sent you all an e-mail with the link for our daily class (Monday-Thursday at 10:00am) as well as the days and links for your individual sessions. Our summer parapro will be sending you reminders with the links as well so be on the lookout for an e-mail from Mrs. Abbas.

It was so good to see those of you who attended today and I can’t wait to see the rest of you tomorrow for class!

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See You (online) Soon!

Dear Parents and Class,

Thank you so very much for your participation and support during these unprecedented times. I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy while you enjoy the next few weeks! I will be e-mailing you more information regarding online instruction times for our summer programming. I look forward to seeing you all (online) July 6th!!

Take care,

Mrs. Anita

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Counting Change Virtual Activity

Practice using different coins to pay for a newspaper in this fun GCF LearnFree counting change simulation.

GCF LearnFree Counting Change Activity
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Cooking Scrambled Eggs!

Sometimes using the stove can be a little tricky for some people. Here is a great way you can make your own scrambled eggs in the microwave without using the stove! Make sure you ask someone at home to give you a hand because your eggs will be hot when they are done cooking! We have done this together in class before and you all loved them!

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Good Morning! Did you have breakfast today?

Hi Class! Did you have breakfast this morning? Did you happen to have eggs? Did you ever wonder where the food on your table came from? Sure, it came from the grocery store. We have learned that on our Community Based Instruction shopping trips (CBI). But how did that food get to the grocery store? Let’s learn more about eggs and how they get to your plate for breakfast! We are going on a virtual field trip to an Egg Farm!

Life as an egg farm family.
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Happy Monday…let’s get back on schedule!

Hi class! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! Getting back on schedule for the week can be challenging sometimes. You can always use our morning schedule to help get you off to the right start.

Being able to tell what time it is is another skill that can help you stay on a schedule. Check out this video with an intro to the analog clock.

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Grocery Shopping and Fruits!

I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! The weather was wonderful and they announced some stores will be reopening. These sites will help you touch-up on your shopping skills as you look for items in the grocery store. It will also help us remember the names of different kinds of fruit to help you find them at the store. Knowing their names will also help you identify them when you need them for a recipe!

GCF LearnFree Grocery Shopping
TurtleDiary Find the Fruit Game
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Celebrating Differences

Enjoy this article and clip about a young people trying to change the way the world views disabilities!

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Last week we reviewed what camouflage is and how some animals use it in nature. Take a look at this knitting artist and photographer and the “Cozy Camouflage” they have created!

Click on the Text-To-Speech icon on the left side of the page to have the article read to you!
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