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Author Archives: Anita Taylor

Please check your e-mail for meeting time.

Hi Class, I have sent you all an e-mail with a ZOOM link for our meeting today at 1p. This meeting will help you get online to learn how to login, access and navigate Schoology and Zoom. I will not be posting assignments to our blog anymore and all of the activities and assignments will … Continue reading »

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Thursday Assignment

After reading the article below, complete 2 corresponding pages from your homework packets that you should have received today.

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Wednesday Assignments!

Don’t forget the importance of physical activity! Enjoy this activity to help wake up your muscles! After you have checked the weather for your city and state, discuss if it is going to be COLD, HOT, WARM, or COOL and circle the correct answer on your daily sheet (sent home in packet).

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Something looks different…

Hi Class! As we get ready to see each other in person for Learning Labs, I want to remind you that your friends and staff might look a little different. Read this story about why our friends are wearing masks! How does hand sanitizer work?

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Good Morning! Welcome back to school! Parents, I will be contacting you throughout the week to touch base about what the next few weeks will look like for school. Below is the lesson for today! Please complete all five activities. Watch today’s CNN 10 news! Why are flamingos pink? Mystery Science Mini-Lesson Communication Activity

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THANK YOU! Have a great summer!!

Thank you parents, students, secretary, paras and ancillary staff for making our summer virtual programming such a success! I greatly appreciate your efforts, smiling faces and dedication over the past five weeks! Enjoy your summer vacation and I look forward to seeing you all soon! Stay healthy and safe! Mrs. Anita

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Black & White Animal Search!

In our story we have learned that skunks are black and white. There are many black and white animals that are NOT skunks. How many different black and white animals can you find in this video?

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Here is a video about skunks!

Hi class! The first few minutes of this video teach us a little more about skunks! This skunk is just like Bat’s skunk, Thor!

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Activities from today!

Hi class! If you missed our class today here are some of the extension activities we did! In our story Bat wants to tell Mr.Grayson all about Monarch Butterflies. Learn more about butterflies here! Mr. Grayson teaches yoga during recess. Practice your yoga here!

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Group Therapy Video

Hi Class, Here is your group therapy video for those of you who might have missed it today. Have a great weekend!

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