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In our class we frequently use lessons from Mystery Science. They come with excellent videos and activities. Below are a few of the lessons this site has made available for free during school closures. Feel free to explore more at the Mystery Science site. There are mini lessons, which are short and typically do not have a hands-on activity to perform. Full lessons are a little more thorough and have excellent activities with step-by-step directions. Enjoy!


How do things glow in the dark?
How deep does the ocean go?
How old is the Earth?
What is a black hole?
How do germs get inside your body?
How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Full Lessons

Why are polar bears white?
Could a statue’s shadow move?
How can the sun help you if you’re lost?
How do they make silly sounds in cartoons?
How could you send a secret message to someone far away?