Fall Orchestra Concert

Our Fall Orchestra Concert will be held in the Unis Gym at 5pm on Thursday, November 21st. All are welcome to attend.

Students need to arrive by 4:30 pm at the latest. They should be wearing their concert uniform that was described in the handout given in class. 6th grade will meet on the stage and 7th/8th grade will meet in the orchestra room.

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Fall Conferences 2019

Due to the snow day, there will be a change to my conference schedule please see below. Instead of holding Middle School conferences on Monday the 11th and Elementary on the 12th and 14th (4-5:30), I will be using the following schedule for all grade levels:

Wednesday 11/13: 3:15-4:45 at McCollough Unis
Thursday 11/14: 4:00-5:30 at McDonald Elementary
*Make up conference day* This will likely be 11/18. I will be at Unis from 3:15-6:15

I am happy to see both Elementary and Middle School students during any of the time slots listed. If you are unable to meet during the listed times but would still like to conference with me email me at livelyj@dearbornschools.org and we will set up a meeting time.

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CEO #1

7/8 Grade Orchestra: This assignment is due on Sunday 9/29 by 11:59 PM. You are to send me the URL for your composition in an email. My email is livelyj@dearbornschools.org. The assignment is posted below.

Create a 4 measure melody on Noteflight.com that contains the following:

  1. Orchestra: 5 notes from your D major scale (most people start and end on D)

      2) Band: Your first 5 notes (Most people start and end on concert Bb)

      3) At least 3 different rhythms (half/quarter/whole/8th)

      4) Make sure to include a rest! Silence can be powerful if used wisely.

After you are done, listen to your piece. Are there any mistakes? Are you happy and/or proud of what you wrote?

We will be spending time playing through these soon so make sure it’s playable!

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See the DSO for Free!

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is playing at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center this Sunday, September 22nd at 3pm! It is free! All you need to do is reserve tickets using the link below! Enjoy!


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Where Do I Buy an Instrument?

Great question! First and foremost, check our local music stores. That way you can play an instrument before you buy it (or RENT it!). These stores often have clearance sections in the store and online. In the local area we have the following retailers:

A&R Music, Shar Music, Anderson Music, and Marshall Music

If that option doesn’t help you then the next step is to search for a used instrument. Use the guide I posted about brands to help your search. The most common places to look are Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Also, check with other family members, maybe they used to play an instrument but don’t use it anymore.

Whatever you do, do not buy instruments that are not on the approved list without checking with me first. Many of the cheaper instruments you will find online are made with poor quality materials and will not be playable.

Happy searching!

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Want to own your own Instrument?

This year we have many 2nd and 3rd year players at Unis. I have no doubt that some of them would like to own their own instrument. Before you fall in the trap of buying a bad instrument off of Amazon, read my recommendations below.

Approved Brands for Band Instruments:

Bach, Selmer, Yamaha, Jupiter, Wiseman, Holton, Blessing, King, Bundy, Conn, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Artley, Besson, Getzen, Renard, Kanstul.

*Please avoid plastic trumpets and trombones*

Approved Brands for Orchestra Instruments:

Franz Hoffman, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, Kay, Yamaha.

*Please avoid the painted ones and anything not made from wood. It should be made of wood and have a natural finish (wood will have a light or dark stain on it, that’s fine).*

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Method Books

For Middle School Only

We use the Essential Elements Series – Book 1 in class. Students may buy the book that is for their instrument. For example, if you play trumpet then you should get the “Trumpet – Book 1” A quick search on Amazon should help you find it. Cost is around $10 per book

Strings Book 1

Band Book 1

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I will only be attending the middle school conferences this time around. Please email livelyj@dearbornschools.org if you have any questions about your elementary student.

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Track Concert! 5-12 Graders!

All Instrumental students will be performing during the month of April.  Dates are listed below:

April 23rd at 5pm: Orchestra Concert in the Unis Gym (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass players)

April 30th at 5pm: Band Concert in the Unis Gym

Parents will need to pick up their child after the concert. This is easiest if they just attend the concert!

Students should wear nice jeans, nice shoes, and a school shirt.  See you there!

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Ann Arbor Trip Important Info!

I have two announcements about the March 7th Ann Arbor Trip.

  1. I have no more room for chaperones! Thank you to those who volunteered! Please meet me in the main office at 8:45.
  2. The student spots have all been filled! If someone who was supposed to go is absent tomorrow I will take a name off the waiting list (I am still accepting permission slips but all of them will be put on the waiting list).

See you all in the morning! Looking forward to a fun trip!

-Mr. Lively

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