Want to own your own Instrument?

This year we have many 2nd and 3rd year players at Unis. I have no doubt that some of them would like to own their own instrument. Before you fall in the trap of buying a bad instrument off of Amazon, read my recommendations below.

Approved Brands for Band Instruments:

Bach, Selmer, Yamaha, Jupiter, Wiseman, Holton, Blessing, King, Bundy, Conn, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Artley, Besson, Getzen, Renard, Kanstul.

*Please avoid plastic trumpets and trombones*

Approved Brands for Orchestra Instruments:

Franz Hoffman, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, Kay, Yamaha.

*Please avoid the painted ones and anything not made from wood. It should be made of wood and have a natural finish (wood will have a light or dark stain on it, that’s fine).*

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