Need Help Reading Your Notes?

If you are having trouble reading your notes here is a great website where you can practice!

If you play Cello, Bass, Trombone, Baritone, or Tuba please change the clef to bass clef using the settings tab in the top right hand corner.

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Track Concert Info!

Unis will be hosting two concerts in April. The first is April 23rd at 5pm. ALL Violin/Orchestra Students that I teach will be performing at this concert. The second concert is April 30th at 5pm in the Unis Gym. All band students that I teach will be performing at this concert.

All students will be sent home with a handout that has more information regarding these events. We hope that you will come support your student!

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Winter Concert Info!

The Unis Middle School Winter Concert will take place on Wednesday, December 19th at 4pm in the Unis Gym. The students all received a handout that tells them what to wear and when to be there. All students will come to the music room after school and will need to be picked up after the concert (4:45pm). We hope to see many parents there supporting their children. See you all soon!

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I will be at the following conferences:

November 12th: McCollough-Unis in room 143.

November 13th: McDonald Elementary (4-7pm) on the stage.

November 15th: William Ford Elementary (4-5:30pm) in the 2nd floor teachers lounge.

If you are unable to see me at the conference time for your school you may come to any of the others that are listed above.

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6th Grade Fall Informance!

The 6th Grade Orchestra will be hosting some of our McCollough Elementary students for the Fall Concert. This will be a great opportunity for parents to see how their students have grown and for the elementary students to see the opportunities they have in the years to come!

The concert will be in the Unis Gym on November 8th at  2:15 PM. Parents are welcome to join us for this event.

Students should wear black pants, a Unis T-Shirt (or their orchestra shirt if they arrive in time), and black shoes and socks.

A handout with this information will go home late this week or early next week.

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Concert Dates

Students will be coming home with a handout about their concerts over the next few weeks. As a precursor,  I would like to post the basic information here.

November 8th @2-3pm – 6th Grade Orchestra will be performing for the 4th & 5th graders at McCollough Elementary. Parents are welcome to come watch.

December 19th @ 4pm – All Unis Instrumental students will perform in an after school concert in the gym. Awards for the 6th grade Orchestra will be given out. All parents should be attending this concert.

If you have any additional questions you may email me at

Hope to see you there!

-Mr. Lively

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Band Help

If you are struggling with getting the first 5 notes on your band instrument here is a wonderful website that has videos to guide you through each step of playing those notes. It’s especially great for flute and saxophone!


1- Go to

2- Select your instrument in the top right menu.

3- Click Video Lessons

4- Find the lesson that works on the skill you want to improve on and watch it!

Hope this helps!

Mr. Lively


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Class Materials

Hi Everybody!

This week your student received a syllabus this week in class that has my contact info as well as the materials they will need for class. They had the option to either borrow a method book from me OR purchase their own from a local music store or Amazon. Here are the stores that will carry the book they need:

    • A & R Music
    • Shar Music
    • Anderson Music

Here are the books they will be using this year.

  • 5th Grade Band: Yamaha Band Student Book 1
  • Middle School Orchestra: Essential Elements Book 1
  • Middle School Band: Essential Elements Book 1
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Welcome Back! 2018-19 School Year

Welcome back!

This year is a year of progress and of change! First, I have moved over to Unis Middle School and will be teaching 5th-8th grade Instrumental Music. It’s an exciting change and I am very much so looking forward to working with the kids! Second, our numbers have almost doubled this year! Along with that, we have many 2nd year players that will able to help build up our new members. Thank you for helping your child begin this musical journey.

In addition, the Unis students will be coming home  with a welcome letter and an instrument rental contract (don’t worry, it’s free this year!) The contract must be returned before I can sign out an instrument to a student. Please take care of that quickly. Thank you!

-Mr. Lively


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It’s Time for a Parade!

There will be about 20 Lowrey band students performing in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday! We hope you will join us for the parade on Michigan Ave. It begins at 10am and finishes at 12pm.

Information for students:

  • Be at Lowrey at or before 9:30am.
  • The bus will drop us off at Lowrey around 12:30pm. You will need to either walk home or be picked up from Lowrey.
  • Bring your instrument and wear the correct clothing!

I will post photos next week!

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