CEO #1

7/8 Grade Orchestra: This assignment is due on Sunday 9/29 by 11:59 PM. You are to send me the URL for your composition in an email. My email is The assignment is posted below.

Create a 4 measure melody on that contains the following:

  1. Orchestra: 5 notes from your D major scale (most people start and end on D)

      2) Band: Your first 5 notes (Most people start and end on concert Bb)

      3) At least 3 different rhythms (half/quarter/whole/8th)

      4) Make sure to include a rest! Silence can be powerful if used wisely.

After you are done, listen to your piece. Are there any mistakes? Are you happy and/or proud of what you wrote?

We will be spending time playing through these soon so make sure it’s playable!

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