Week Four Assignments

Week 4

Sunday May 10, 2020
Week Four assignment/activities:

Week Four Engagement: Review Ch. 4 Vocabulary. Read Ch. 4, Section 1, pages 82-91. Send 2 email check-ins.

Week Four Participation: Submit by email a 3-5 sentence explanation of how a concept or vocabulary term from Ch. 4, Section 2 or 3 is affected by the current economic conditions.

Remember each week you need to send 2 check-in emails and 1 assignment email. (Three emails each week)

Write what your email is for: (example “Week 1 Check-in 1” or “Week 1 Check-in 2”)

Make sure ALL of your emails include your name, your student number and the hour of your class.

Link to Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/NTMzMDIxOTE0ODda

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