April 16, 2020

Hello Students

Subject:  Remote Leaning

During the cancellation of face-to-face classes, due to the Corona 19 Outbreak, I will be posting daily messages on my iBlog: https://iblog.dearbornschools.org/mrgass/  .  Please follow the instructions on my iBlog as lessons will change periodically and the expectation is that every student keeps pace. 

Intro to Business & Personal Finance Students:  Follow the attached link to begin an online “Budget Challenge”.   Go to the Budget Challenge website to register:  https://www.budgetchallenge.com/          Click on the “Register Today” link and follow the instructions on how to register for the Budget Challenge.  The Budget Challenge simulation begins online on March 19, 2020 and runs through May 28, 2020. Use the correct enrollment code for your class and hour. 

Registration Codes:    Budget Challenge

Second Hour Intro to Business.                  Team Name: HourTwoDHS          Registration Code WJKCVTQ

Third Hour Intro to Business.      Team Name: HourThreeDHS       Registration Code JHQYWVE

Fifth Hour Intro to Business.        Team Name: HourFiveDHS         Registration Code ZLIRJHX

*NOTE:  Registration is now open and ends at 11:50 PM on Thursday March 19, 2020.

Continue to check my iBlog to see how completed assignments will be submitted, and how student progress will be monitored. 

E2020 Students:  DPS has allowed home access to Edgenuity courses.  Periodically, throughout the day and evening, I will be unlocking assignments.  Please do your best to keep pace in your online classes.       

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