Tutoring and Study Hall are available after school!

Tutoring is now available at Stout Middle School. If you are interested and receiving help in a specific subject, you may ask your teacher to sign you up. Tutoring is available on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. You have to ask a teacher to sign you up ahead of time for any day you would like to stay after school and receive help from a teacher. If there is no availability for the day you are interested in, your teacher can sign you up for a different day. The activity bus will drive students home at 5pm. Students who walk or are picked up may leave at 4:50pm.

Study Hall is now open on Tuesdays. This is different than tutoring.  In Study Hall, you may work on homework alone, (unless it is partner or group work)  you may work on group projects with your group members, you may work on online assignments like IXL. If you are interested in signing up, let one of your teachers know.

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