Fire Safety Week in Review!

Hello Families!

We had such a fun week learning about fire safety tips! This was the official fire prevention and safety week! We had a virtual visit from one of Dearborn’s Fire Marshals (Marshal Jennifer) as well as one of their Fire Captains (Captain Mike)! They presented valuable information about how to stat safe in the case of a fire as well as gave us a virtual tour of a fire truck, ambulance, and the fire safety house! In addition, we also had a very special cadet from Dearborn Fire deliver plastic helmets, coloring books, and fire prevention and safety booklets to our school for our friends. (Cadet Ryan, my son) Here is a great fire safety site for kids and families!

Wednesday evening your child received a special porch delivery of fire prevention information as well as an at home learning packet along with our unit 3 Benchmark student workbook!

This week we finished pre-assessments and look forward to starting Learning Labs in person with all of my little angels!

In regards to fire safety week; Please make sure you all have working smoke alarms inside your home. If you do not, please visit your local fire department to get smoke alarms for free. Another great tip is to sit and discuss a fire escape plan with your children. Decide on a meeting place that does not move….like a tree across the street, or a particular neighbor’s house. Review with your child the importance of not touching things that are hot such as the stove, candles, lighters…..

Take a look at these pictures from our couple of days!

Marshal Jennifer Wright reading to our class!
Marshal Jennifer gave us a tour of the fire safety house as she told us about tips to do if we cannot get out of our bedroom during a fire
Marshal Jennifer telling about the importance of a working smoke detector
Marshal Jennifer telling us about how to safely feel the door in the case of a fire to exit a room.
This friend found yogurt and yellow mustard that begins with the letter Yy’s sound
We read an non-fiction book about fire trucks and drew an informational drawing to tell about which fire truck we liked the best
We decomposed the number 3 and learned about math sentences for addition
we got pretend fire helemts from the Dearborn Fire Department!
We love our fire helmets!
We practiced writing the letter Yy.
We learned about what fire fighters do!!! Thank yo, fire fighters for all of your dedication to keep us all safe!
We practiced writing the letter Yy
We showed ho to solve our first addition word problem!
We practiced color recognition, number recognition, and coloring to make this adorable scarecrow
We sorted pictures into categories; Safe and Not Safe
we practiced writing the letter Zz
We practiced writing numbers 0-5 using our verbal pathways from Eureka Math and showing how the quantity grows as the numbers go higher in order.
We practiced writing number with their matching quantities
We used our attention goggles to help our eyes and brain focus our attention.
We used our attention googles to help our brain and eyes focus our attention during a story about the Second Step Listening Rules. And……on a side note, this friend turned 5 a few days ago and we sang happy birthday to her and sent her birthday wishes!

Have an amazing weekend! Thank you for all you do!!!


Ms. Mehrhof

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