Classroom News

First Grade Picnic Date Change to Wednesday 6.12.19

Because of the 80% percent chance of rain that has been predicted for Thursday, we have decided to change the date of our picnic to Wednesday 6.12.19.

When: Wednesday 6.12.19 from 11:00 to 1:00

Where: In the NW corner of the Howard playground. Tables will be provided for the treats.

What to bring: Parents can bring bag chairs or beach/patio chars to sit on and any snack/dessert you were already bringing. Students need to bring a lunch, towel or blanket to sit on, and any outdoor games they want to play.

Classroom News

Field Day

Yes the weather wasn’t what we wanted, but the students had fun. First in the morning they saw a Magician. After the show, prizes were  passed out to a random drawing of students who received gift cards to area businesses or Howard T shirts. The remaining students received coupons to Dairy Queen. The finale was a star-shaped Popsicle or an ice cream bar from Dairy Queen in the afternoon.

Lunch Choices

Tuesday – Cheesy flatbread or Cheese pocket pizza

Wednesday- Galaxy pizza or Grilled cheese

*Thursday – Bring your own lunch to the picnic

Classroom News

Event Updates

Monday 6.10.19 Field day

*Lower El (K-2) is from 9:00-12:00

Students are to wear tennis shoes(gym shoes), comfy clothes, and bring water to drink.

Lunch(Pizza and Halal chicken nuggets) will be provided provided.

Volunteers are needed for the different stations.

If it rains, there will be indoor activities for the students.

Tuesday 6.11.19 Donuts for Dads

*Howard cafeteria from 7:45-8:45 am

Thursday 6.13.19 First Grade Picnic

*Park next to the school from 11:00-1:00

Students need their lunch, a blanket or towel to sit on, and any outdoor games they would like to bring. Anyone in the family is welcome. If you would like to donate and drinks, snacks, or treats for the picnic, just bring it with when you come or send it with another parent who’s coming.

See you there!

*Friday 6.14.19 Last day of school is a half day 8:35-11:45.

Classroom News

NWEA Math Test Tomorrow

Get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast. The students will be able to use pencil and paper to help themselves with the Math problems. Talk to them about looking at all the choices, and taking their time. This is not a race. They can take all the time they need.

End of the Year Departure Dates

If your child is leaving before the school year ends, please let me know that exact date, so I can get all their testing completed. Also if you they will not be back next year, the office needs to know. After tomorrow they will have one more Math test(Module 4) and one more Science test(Plants); both tests will be next week. This is the last week for Spelling tests.

Birthday Bash

The Birthday Bash was a great success. There was good food like cupcakes and fruit and veggies There was entertainment like the game Hedbanz, musical chairs (a big hit), a pinata, and balloons during the birthday song. The party wrapped up with a little dancing to “Today Is Your Birthday”


Classroom News

NWEA Reading Test

The students will be taking their  NWEA reading test tomorrow. They should get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast.

Classroom News

Field Trip Tomorrow 

*A note went home today for the chaperones. We are not leaving early like we thought. School begins at 9:35 so that’s when everyone one should be there. We will be leaving quickly after that. We will be back at school close to 2:30.

  1. Bring your lunch in a paper or plastic bag so everything can be thrown out after. Also bring something to drink.

  2. It might rain tomorrow(15%-25%) , so wear a waterproof jacket with a hood. You can always carry it if it gets warm.

PTA Meeting

There’s a PTA meeting at 2:45 tomorrow if you would like to attend after the field trip.

Classroom News

Student Readers

Nour read-Are You My Mother?

Dylan read – a Chapter about the author Dahl

Maria Read – Duck on a Tractor

Adam read- How the Grinch stole Christmas


Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night was a lot of fun for the students and teachers. In my room we played the Math game “Bump”



Classroom News

Cans and Bottles

Keep those cans and bottles coming.

Scholastic Book Orders

In the scholastic book order I sent home there is a book called Summer Brain Quest 1-2. Many parents/students have found it very useful in getting ready for 2nd grade so they don’t slide back over the Summer. It is $12.50 and they also sell it at the Barnes and Noble book store.

Howard Clean Up Parade

May 20th from 9:45- 10:45 am.

Memorial Weekend

Students will have no school on Friday May 24th and Monday May 27th

Classroom News

Cans and Bottles Collection

The cans and bottles collection started this week. The money/proceeds from the bottles and cans will be used to purchase flowers around the school. The collection is for this week and next.

Field Trip

A little more info about the field trip. Children will be bringing their own lunch and drinks preferably in a bag and a plastic bottle so it can be thrown out. Parents who are chaperones will have other students beside their own child in their group.  No other sibling are aloud. Parents who can not attend don’t worry your child will be put in a small group with their classmates. Each group will be given a list of questions to answer as they walk around and explore the different buildings/ homes at the village. This field trip goes along with Social Studies Unit 4 they are beginning.