Candy Grams

Candy grams can be purchased during lunch tomorrow (Tuesday 2.11.20) and Wednesday. You need the pink sheet filled out with the names of the friends you want to send candy grams to and your money. The candy grams are a $1.00 a piece. The candy grams will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Party

Sorry I for got to send home the note about the Valentine’s Day party. This is what it says:

Ms. MacDonald’s class will be having their Valentine’s party on Friday, February 14th. Please send in $5.00 with your child by Monday, February 10th. This will go towards the purchase of any needed items for the party. Your child may send in treats or cards to pass out to their classmates. All parents are welcome! Thank you for your continued support!

Bake Sale Tomorrow Also

Because of the abundance of baked goods that were brought in to sell, the bake sale will continue tomorrow during lunch time.

Bake Sale

Third grade is sponsoring a bake sale tomorrow. It will be after school in the cafeteria. The baked goods will cost from $0.50 – $1.00. K and 1st grade students can go and purchase some bake sale items at 3:10.

100th Day of School

Students had a lot of fun today. We didn’t even finish all of the activities. We did get the “big” snack in. Sorry for the sugar high.

100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is this coming Wednesday. The 1st graders are being asked to come to school wearing 100 things. These things can be on a shirt or on a hat, around your neck or wrist, or put 100 little things in a bag and safety pin it to your shirt. Be creative. If your go online and google 100th day of school, there will be ideas. Also if you want to donate something little for our 100 piece snack (m and m’s, pretzels, cereal…) that would be great.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming in 2 weeks also. The 1st graders are being asked to bring in an empty kleenex box, so it can be decorated and used to hold valentines and other treats.

NWEA Testing

Well the students finished the 2nd round of NWEA testing of Reading and Math. In the area of Math, everyone’s score went up. The increases were in the double digits for many. In the area of Reading, there were many increases in the double digits also. Hats off to these students for putting in the hard work. I will be sending home a copy of these results tomorrow. It takes 24 hours for the testing program to give me these reports to send home.

Socks vs Slippers

With all the boots and the wet weather, students would like to take off their shoes before coming in the classroom. I would like them to have some slippers or thick socks to wear over their regular socks in the classroom. Our classroom is not the warmest. I just don’t want them to get cold.


I will be starting NWEA testing later this week. Now that we are doing the testing on the chrome books, students need to have their own headphones or ear buds to take these test. Please make sure your child has some. Target and Staples have headphones for around $20. Target has earbuds for around $10, and Dollar tree has earbuds for $1.

Assembly for Children with Hair Loss/ Sing a long

The assembly today was videotaped and will be on channel 7 at 4:00 today.

Holiday Party

The students had a lot of fun at the holiday party this year. The party began with a pancake breakfast and hot cocoa. I’m sure they got their fill. Next they decorated a holiday cookie with sprinkles and other yummy additions. Finally they decorated a plastic ornament on the inside and out. There was a little dancing at the front of the room to the holiday music playing in the background in between activities. All in all they had a great time. A BIG THANKS to all the moms to all the moms and dads who came and helped out. I will upload pictures on the break. See you in January! Happy Holidays!

Student Council Holiday Raffle

Win a jar filled with holiday treats. Tickets sold during lunch Wednesday and Thursday.


1 for $.50

3 for $1.00

Winners announced Thursday at the end of the day.