Conferences are Thursday Nov. 7th, Tuesday Nov. 12th, and Thursday Nov. 14th. I have 7 people as of now who do not have a conference time for their child. I will bring my clipboard outside before and after school with the times available. If you did not sign up for a conference please come see me. Thanks Ms. MacDonald

Reading Groups

I have completed all the DRA assessments for reading, so the reading groups will now begin. The books for their level and the books they will get at reading groups will be in a clear gallon size zip lock bag. Please help your child not to mix these books with the books from their big colored reading bag. These are books of their choosing. Sometimes I will be meeting with your child to read 1 to 1, and other times it will be with the reading groups.

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are due by this Thursday. There are some really inexpensive books you can order. If you want to order online my class code is MKXDJ.

PTA Meeting

There is a PTA meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00

Classroom News


*Zearn website: Students were given an index card with their passwords to get on I also wrote the class code on the card in case it is needed.

Students are working on becoming fast and fluent in math facts to 5, and building on the facts to 10. Drawing pictures and writing a number sentence to match a story problem. Started to working on story problems they could be solved by subtraction or counting on/up to the big number.


Their first Science unit is about “Sound”. They will be learning that: 1. Sound can make matter vibrate. 2. Vibrating matter can make sounds.


*In reading we are reading and listening to stories as a group right now (poems, Treasure anthology, and trade books). We’re talking about the characters, setting, and any special vocabulary words. *The students have chosen books for themselves to read to themselves and a partner.

*In reference to assessment I have tested what HFW words they can read, and they completed a 10 minute write on words they know how to spell. I have started testing students on the DRA reading assessments where I look at how they read, how accurate they read, and their ability to retell the story.


*Last week the students finished a writing prompt entitled “A Day I was Happy” They first, of course, picked their happy day or event. Next they drew 3 pictures describing this happy day. They then used these pictures to help them write the story.

*In their Work on Writing books, the students are writing about topics of their own choosing. I’m observing : 1. If they can decide on a topic. 2. Their handwriting, spaces between words, and writing across the page. 3. Can they read their story back to me or others.

*REMEMBER Friday is a half Day of school. Dismissal is at 11:45

Classroom News

*Weekly Homework/Information Sheet

Students will be given a new homework/information sheet every week. It contains assessment dates, homework assignments, spelling words, and any school and /or district events. The sheet is located in the clear pocket at the back of their homework folder.

*School Supplies

Every student needs a plastic box to hold their crayons, pencils, dry erase markers, scissors and glue sticks. Zipper pouches aren’t really big enough to hold all these supplies. Also every student needs headphones. We are on the Chromebooks everyday as part of our Daily 5 and Math programs. We also need them for district testing which we will be starting next week.

*First grade Parent Meeting (before Open House)

Thursday September 12th 5:30-6:00 Media Center

*OPEN HOUSE 6:00 – 7:30

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday 8.30.19 No School – Happy Birthday Ali Aboutiman!
  • Monday 9.3.19 Labor Day -No School
  • Tuesday 9.4.19 Howard School Picnic 4:00
  • Thursday 9.12.19 1st grade Parent Meeting in the Media Center 5:30
  • Thursday 9.12.19 Open House 6:00 – 7:30
  • Friday 9.20.19 Half Day for students
  • Wednesday 9.25.19 Late Start -School starts at 9:35

Parent Connect Features

The Dearborn Public Schools has added a new feature to ParentConnect that allows parents to directly enter their child’s Emergency Information before the start of the school year instead of paper forms.

Please log onto ParentConnect from a computer. You will not be able to update your information on a cell phone or i-pad. If you don’t have your login information, click on the “Need Your Login Information?” text found on the Parent Connect page.

Once logged in click on the “Back to School Registration and Emergency Form Update,” found at the top of the page to the left of My Account. Please update the emergency information, which can be done by clicking Review/Update Info on the right. Once there, you’ll have the ability to update your information as well as your child’s information.Please make sure to follow the directions at the top of each page. The “Back to School Registration and Emergency Form” Update will show until August 25, 2019; after that date, online re-enrollment will close, and paper emergency forms will be printed to parents who did not complete the information online.ReplyReply allForward


Meet the principal tomorrow from 9:00-9:45 in the cafeteria

Classroom News

First Day of School

We had a great day on our first day of school. No tears is always a good sign. We read some poems and books together. Students worked on an addition/coloring paper. They received a new poem book, one of their reading bags and their homework folder for office and classroom notes and of course homework. They ate an apple and cheese snack and then had some recess time. All in all the day went smoothly.


The lunch menu this year has many more choices; 3 choices a day. The students received a copy of the menu in their homework folder. Please go over these choices with your child so they know which choice to choose.


This list is similar to the list attached to your child’s report card at the end of Kindergarten.  A folder has been purchased for your child by me.  It is heavy duty with specially marked pockets.  This will be used as the Take Home Folder. 

    • Backpack (no wheels)
    • plastic supply box 
    • ear phones
    • scissors
    • box of crayons (24 pack)
    • 5 dry erase markers in a baggie labeled with your child’s name
    • 10 clear glue sticks in a baggie labeled with your child’s name
    • eraser (pink or mars white)
    • pencils (Ticonderoga are preferred) 
    • Colored pencils OPTIONAL
    • Pencil sharpener OPTIONAL
    • No markers please
    • box of Kleenex

Welcome Letter

I hope your Summer was fun-filled and restful; for yourself and for your children.

For those who may not know me, I have taught in the Dearborn schools for 29 years. This is about my eleventh year at Howard. I have been a Special Ed classroom teacher, a Special Ed teacher consultant, a Reading Recovery teacher, and a General Ed classroom teacher for the past 19 years.

I’m looking forward to working with you and teaching your child. We will be continuing with the Daily 5 Reading program, and the Eureka Math program we started last year. With your help and cooperation, I’m sure this will be a very successful year for your child.

“Classroom Procedures”

Pick up and Drop off: Please pick up and drop off your child at the appropriate outside door. Please refrain from walking your child to the classroom. In First Grade your child is ready to be independent. If your child takes the bus, make sure they know their bus number. Let me know if they are to attend Kid’s Club, and for safety reasons, if someone other than you will be picking them up.

School Times: First bell – 8:35 (tardy after 8:40) late start 9:35

                                Lunch 12:00 – 12:30

                                Dismissal – 3:35 Half days 11:45

School Supplies: The district provides the basic supplies including paper, pencils, crayons, notebooks, scissors, and glue. You may bring additional supplies as needed. It would be good for each child to have a pencil box to keep their supplies. They do not need binders or mechanical pencils. Students may bring an extra folder for completed work that I have graded.

Home Supplies: Your child needs to have a quiet place, and supplies at home to do their homework. Help them to be organized, and to remember to put their name on all papers.

Birthdays are a special time for our little ones. Students will be acknowledged on their birthday, but the celebrating with treats will be done only once a year in the second semester of school to accommodate all the birthdays.

Snacks: Each child may bring an individual snack every day. Snack time will be around 10:15am and lunch is at11:45am. Snack choices are fruits, veggies, yogurt or cheese. Snacks are eaten while the students are working, or it can be taken outside at recess. Students may also have a water bottle at their desk as long as it does not cause distractions.

Homework: There is a small amount of homework on Monday through Thursday. Please stress the importance of completing it neatly, carefully, and turning it in on time. Provide your child with a quiet area to do their homework. Make sure they understand the work, but they should do it themselves. Students should be reading every night; school books or books from home. We have purchased a plastic “Take Home” folder. This folder will be for school notes, teacher notes, and of course homework.

Book Orders are sent home about once a month. If you wish to order you can do it online or return the form with cash or a check (payable to Scholastic Books) in an envelope with their name on it.


     Email –

       Phone – (827-6350) Phone calls come through the office. The secretary will usually have you leave a message.

       Blog –

Classroom Helpers are always welcomed. If you have some time available to volunteer, please let me know what days or times you are available.


                                                                    Ms. MacDonald

Classroom News

First Grade Picnic Date Change to Wednesday 6.12.19

Because of the 80% percent chance of rain that has been predicted for Thursday, we have decided to change the date of our picnic to Wednesday 6.12.19.

When: Wednesday 6.12.19 from 11:00 to 1:00

Where: In the NW corner of the Howard playground. Tables will be provided for the treats.

What to bring: Parents can bring bag chairs or beach/patio chars to sit on and any snack/dessert you were already bringing. Students need to bring a lunch, towel or blanket to sit on, and any outdoor games they want to play.

Classroom News

Field Day

Yes the weather wasn’t what we wanted, but the students had fun. First in the morning they saw a Magician. After the show, prizes were  passed out to a random drawing of students who received gift cards to area businesses or Howard T shirts. The remaining students received coupons to Dairy Queen. The finale was a star-shaped Popsicle or an ice cream bar from Dairy Queen in the afternoon.

Lunch Choices

Tuesday – Cheesy flatbread or Cheese pocket pizza

Wednesday- Galaxy pizza or Grilled cheese

*Thursday – Bring your own lunch to the picnic

Classroom News

Event Updates

Monday 6.10.19 Field day

*Lower El (K-2) is from 9:00-12:00

Students are to wear tennis shoes(gym shoes), comfy clothes, and bring water to drink.

Lunch(Pizza and Halal chicken nuggets) will be provided provided.

Volunteers are needed for the different stations.

If it rains, there will be indoor activities for the students.

Tuesday 6.11.19 Donuts for Dads

*Howard cafeteria from 7:45-8:45 am

Thursday 6.13.19 First Grade Picnic

*Park next to the school from 11:00-1:00

Students need their lunch, a blanket or towel to sit on, and any outdoor games they would like to bring. Anyone in the family is welcome. If you would like to donate and drinks, snacks, or treats for the picnic, just bring it with when you come or send it with another parent who’s coming.

See you there!

*Friday 6.14.19 Last day of school is a half day 8:35-11:45.