100th Day of School

Tuesday will be the 100th day of school!  We’ve been talking about this in class for some time.  Your child is to wear 100 things on Monday.  For example, he/she can wear 100 beads strung on a necklace or on bracelets.  Some students have worn 100 stickers, but unfortunately, they do fall off.  I have attached some ideas for you.  Also they could just put 100 small things in a bag and attached the bag to themselves with a safety pin. You have all weekend to come up with something.  Have fun!



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Valentine’s Day

Our Valentines Party will be on Thursday Morning around 10:30-11:30. Students will have some pizza and something to drink. The will play a game, pass out valentine cards and and treat to their classmates if they would like. The party will only be for about an hour. The students have a half day on Thursday and will be leaving at 11:45.

Classroom News



Kleenex – We are out of tissues for the classroom. If you are out and about could you pick some up.

Empty Kleenex boxes (rectangle size) – Each student needs an empty Kleenex box to decorate for the cards  they will receive on Valentine’s Day.

Pencil and eraser sale

The student council will be selling pencils and erasers this week. First graders can purchase these items on Thursday. Each grade has a day.

Classroom News

Classroom News

Online Sites

Raz kids – We were initially told our subscription was renewed for another year, but apparently wires got crossed, so the office is working out the details.

Zearn – Sometimes the Zearn site gives the students the run around. If the students ID and password doesn’t work, choose another email and then say I don’t know it. Then it seems to let you on.

NWEA testing

They were initially taking the Reading test on Wednesday afternoon and the Math test on Friday morning. Now there is an assembly on Wednesday afternoon during that time, so they will take the Reading test Friday after lunch.

*Spelling- No spelling words this week because of the shortened week and testing.

December Students of the Month

Dec sotm 2018

Curriculum Updates

Science “Space Systems” Patterns of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars.

Social Studies Unit 2 “How Do We Get What We Need or Want?”

Reading  (small group) All the students are currently reading at grade level or higher according DRA and the district guidelines. All should continue reading fluently with voice, and continue talking about stories to enhance comprehension. They have new reading partners to work with during Read to Someone, some writing activities, and sometimes during Math activities because there is a lot of reading(following directions) during Math.

Reading (whole group) We are going to start an author study of the Jan Brett books.

Writing In writing we are using the R.A.N(Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction Text) process to help us help us learn about about dogs. The students will then use all the info they have gathered to write a nonfiction  paper about “Dogs”



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Holiday Party

All are welcome to stop by at the party tomorrow morning. If you would like to bring something extra for the students to eat you may send it with your child.


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Holiday Boutique

The PTA is sponsoring a Holiday Boutique where students can come and purchase gifts for their family members. All gifts are $2.00 dollars a piece. Our class is going to the boutique this coming Wednesday at 10:00. Here is a copy of the flyer to fill out. I will send a copy home on Monday.

Holiday Boutique

Wrapping presents

After we go to the holiday boutique I could use some parents to come in and help wrap the students’ presents to their family members. Anytime after 12:00 pm on Wednesday would be great. I will purchase the paper, tape, and labels.

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Candy Cane Sales

The PTA is sponsoring a candy cane sale for the holidays. Students fill out the form with up to 6 friends they would want to send a candy cane to. Each candy cane costs $1.00. They will start selling the candy canes tomorrow. Final day to buy/send a candy cane is Thursday, December 6th. The students took the form home today.

Brownie points

The class earned their 20th brownie point today to fill up the brownie pan. They can receive brownie points from special area teachers and me. As a result we will be making and eating brownies later this week. Congrats!

November Reward

The reward for good behavior in November(Only 1 blue or no more than 6 yellows) is to decorate a cookie with frosting and sprinkles. Congrats to those who earned this reward!

First grade Holiday Party

Our holiday party this year will be on Thursday December 20th. It will be first thing in the morning where breakfast foods will be served along with other games and activities. A “Book Exchange” will be part of the festivities. Students need to bring a wrapped book to exchange with their classmates. The book needs to be new and appropriate for a first grade reader. Boys should bring a book for a boy , and girls bring a book for a girl. The wrapped book should be labeled boy or girl on the outside to not cause any confusions.

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Halloween Party

We are starting the party a little early at 1:00, so part of the party will be before the parade, and the rest after the parade.

Classroom News


*Students should bring their costumes in a bag to change into after lunch.

*Costumes should not be too scary and absolutely no masks.

*Students may bring candy to pass out to their classmates.