Happy (almost) Summer!

Dear students & families,

We made it to the last week of school, congratulations! This year took some unforeseen twists and turns and it was difficult for all of us in one way or another. Students, thank you for your continued work and dedication. Parents, thank you for supporting your students and being flexible!

This will be my final post for this school year. These activities are fun ideas for summer speech and language practice. I encourage you to try some of them, but they are not required. I hope you all enjoy a safe and well earned summer vacation! I hope to see you in the fall!

Grammar Work!

Using is/are verbs: https://dojovideos-7.classdojo.com/a45e729a6a0457689bf63036/2020-04-01/a283088eb2385610ac15f4bdffff8aa6b0254d64_ebb16a01122c/e5e9e341e73c.mp4

Action Words: https://dojovideos-5.classdojo.com/a45e729a6a0457689bf63036/2020-03-26/a13f6930e1932b79fcb78dfeafb2c772c19f308d_35888c85adbf/76923997d413.mp4

Pronouns: https://dojovideos-7.classdojo.com/595e7324d5626cde70f22ab7/2020-04-20/717097952894a872eaf5e50d4cb718e2eb17ab88_cef6fbe77fed/0b5a846d1e6f.mp4

Auditory Memory for Short Stories featuring Mrs. Emmy!


This activity will challenge a student’s auditory memory and ability to answer questions about short stories. If you need some practice with “wh” questions forms or auditory comprehension, this mini lesson is for you!

Tips for families: Talking to your child who stutters

Greetings parents and students!

I have been thinking a lot about my students who struggle with their speech fluency during these unprecedented times. As we know, heightened emotional states, such as anxiety, can impact your child’s speech fluency. You may find them stuttering more and having a hard time controlling it. Please check out these resources to assist your child during these difficult times!

Curricular Vocabulary Practice

Ideas and tips to help understand unfamiliar words you encounter in your school work. Primarily for grades 3 and up, but several of the suggestions can also be used for younger students.

The full video was too long, so I had to trim it. Therefore, you aren’t able to see the demonstration portion of the video, but hopefully this is still helpful!