Articulation & Phonology

Speech Sound Development

Different speech sounds are expected to be mastered at different ages.  Many children have speech sound errors as their speech develops.  However, if the errors persist beyond the expected age of mastery, a speech sound disorder may be present.  By age 8, children should have acquired all sounds.  Click on the link to learn more about speech sound development according to age.

Tips: Targeting Speech Sounds at Home

Hello parents and students! Here are some tips and resources to help you practice your speech sounds at home!

Fun Ways to Practice Articulation Skills in the Car   

Speech Practice at Home  

Encourage Speech Sounds Through Reading  

Creative Articulation Practice at Home: Fun for the Whole Family!  

Articulation pictures for practice by every sound

Working on Speech Sounds at Home: 1 Page Printable

Peachie Speechie’s Videos For Producing Specific Phonemes