May 20

May 20th

Tomorrow is the last day of school for our 12th grade students. The senior drive-by will be on Friday from 1-5 pm in the staff parking area.

We will not have any school activities this Friday, May 22nd for 9th, 10th or 11th grade students. Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day so there will be no classes held that day.

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April 24

April 24th

A reminder that Choromebooks will be distributed at Dearborn High School on Monday from 10 am to 2 pm. That is the same time as meal distribution. The meal distribution for DHS remain the same as previously scheduled during Ramadan.

There were incidents in the district yesterday with students sharing their log in information and disrupting Google Meet classes. While the District decides how to proceed all student access to Google Meets will be suspended. My classes were not affected, however, the way I deliver instruction may be changed as we continue remote learning.

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April 22

April 22nd

Dearborn High will be distributing Chromebooks on Monday, April 27th from 10 am to 2 pm. Please use the circle drive in front of the building, practice safe physical distancing from people, and enter the south door (the New Attendance Office door), which is closest to the main parking lot.

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April 21

April 21

Here is the schedule for the week with on-line learning:

Sunday at 12 pm all work for the week will be available. Students should check their e-mail daily and all class web sites,

Monday – Mandatory Check-In /Wednesdays – Optional or Office Hours

1st hour – 1-1:40 pm

2nd hour – 1:40-2:20 pm

3rd hour – 2:20-3:00

Tuesday – Mandatory Check-In /Thursday – Optional or Office Hours

4th hour – 1-1:40 pm

5th hour – 1:40-2:20 pm

6th hour – 2:20-3:00

Friday – All Work is Due by 10 am

Here are some quick tips to get your child on line for school.
1.  Have your child go to the Dearborn Schools Web Page and scroll down until you see the Student Portal button (and other buttons as well)
2.  Have them click on the Student Portal Button
3.  Have them click on Clever
4.  Have them log in with their school e-mail address and password.
5.  This will give them access to everything, email, Google Classrooms, iLearn Classes, and anything else they have been given permission to be on at school.

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April 19

April 18th

Tomorrow begins our official remote teaching adventure! This is what is expected from students. Check their school e-mail Sunday afternoon or Monday morning each week. Students must check in with teachers each week someway in order to get credit for their classes. Join the classes with the links sent by their teachers. This is the schedule:


1st hour 1:00 to 1:40 pm

2nd hour 1:40 to 2:20 pm

3rd hour 2:20 to 3:00 pm


4th hour 1:00 to 1:40 pm

5th hour 1:40 to 2:20 pm

6th hour 2:20 to 3:00 pm

On Wednesday teachers will either meet or have office hours during the same times as Monday. On Thursday teachers will follow the Tuesday schedule and have office hours or class. This is up to each teacher and they will let you know what is expected.

Fridays do not have an official schedule but will be used for office hours, work with individual student or small groups, or possible an additional class period. Your teachers will let you know

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April 1

April 1st

Breakfast and lunch pick up has been changed to Monday, Wedsday, and Friday this week and after the break, if needed. Pick up is from 10am-12pm at DHS, EFHS, FHS, McCollough/Unis, Smith MS, Woodworth MS, and Salina Intermediate.

Next week meals will be available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the same times and same places. The district is closed next Friday (April 10th) for Good Friday.

Just to let you know, the School Board Meeting on April 13th will be on-line. You can access it live on Facebook or YouTube. Here is the YouTube address:

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March 26

March 26th

I hope all are well.  I will be reaching out to you all soon by phone.  I miss see all my kids!  When I do, I will give you a phone number you can use to call me directly

I have also had passwords reset for those that were locked out.  I also was giving the incorrect user name information earlier.  User names are (your student number)  Those that were locked out have a new password 2 digit birth month, 2 digit birth day, and 4 digit birth year – no spaces between them.

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March 23

March 23rd

I hope all are well. So far so good for the Ladach family!

Breakfast and Lunch pick up is on going at DHS from 10 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday at the gym door entrance.

The final DHS Chromebook pick up will be tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th, from 10 am to 12 pm. If one is needed at your house, please stop by and check one out.

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