March 20

March 20th

Some quick updates for today.

OL Smith is now a food distribution site. The hours for all schools for meal pick up is 10 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday.

DHS will likely have one more Chromebook pick up date. I will forward this information about time and date when I have the information.

Look for some books to be shipped to your house from First Book. They are for your child to keep and enjoy. I hope I chose well for everyone.

I will be e-mailing soon about reset student accounts for log in. Look for that in your in box.

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March 19

March 19th

Hello All!

Three updates for today:

  • I am in the process of having student log ins reset for those that have been locked out of their accounts. The Help Desk team is working from home as of today. They are not sure how fast things will happen.
  • If you were locked out, please don’t try and log in until I let you know your account has been reset.
  • I have set up and enrolled everyone in iLearn classes. I have not uploaded any activities yet. I’m learning:)

As always email (if you post a comment on my blog I get notified) or leave me a voicemail (313) 827-7320.

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March 18

March 18th

Your child should receive a packet of work from me in the mail today or tomorrow. If you don’t get anything by Saturday, please reach out to me via e-mail at or voicemail at (313) 827-7320.

Mr. Martin hopes to begin distribution Chromebooks by tomorrow. I will update you on when, where, and how to get one from your child. The district is limiting them to 1 per household. If more than one of your children needs one they will need to share it.

Food was being distributed yesterday at DHS. It get food for all household memebers 18 and younger 1 person from your household can do the pick-up. At DHS they are distributing the grab and go meals from the doors by the gyms. I was there yesterday and it was going very smoothly.

Of those students that I have heard back from directly, I will be sending an invitation out to join my iLearn class.

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March 17

March 17

Hello All!

I’ve had some parents telling me that their child is having trouble logging into the student portal. Try this and see if it works.

Their user name is their student number only. They should not add @

Have them try using their birth date as the password. This is the format to use: 2 digit month, 2 digit day, 4 digit year without any spaces. Ex. March 9, 2000 would be 03092000.

Please let me know if you have difficulty. I should be able to get your child’s account reset.

My email is

My voicemail is (313) 827-7320

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March 16

March 16th

I will be sending an e-mail to each of the students in my classes shortly. If I have an email on file, I will include their parents in it.

At this point, I don’t know how to get a student’s log in if they don’t know it. District Tech Support should be able to assist. I will update later in the week.

I have put packets together for all students in my classes. They will go out in the US mail tomorrow. There is 3 weeks worth of work for each class. The classes are color codes as follows:

Earth Science – Pink

Langauge Arts – Blue

Job Skills – Yellow

US Government – Lavender

Math – Green

This aligns with the colors used in the classroom on the agenda and student folders.

Grab and Go breakfast and lunch service will begin tomorrow. One person from each family can stop and pick up food for each child 18 and under in the household. The pick up locations are as follows:

Dearborn High

Edsel Ford High

Fordson High


Salina Intermediate


Please be safe! Mrs. Ladach

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March 15

Distance Learning for DHS

Hello All! We are living in a new world now. I’m doing my best to get things ready for my students to learn at home. As of right now I have done the following:

Set up an iLearn class for each class I teach

Made copies and simple directions of all the assinments

Signed up for a Zoom account

I have reached out to all the parents of my students this weekend. I have heard back from three. I will continue to reach out. A few student are already using iLearn or Google Classroom in some of their other classes so they will be set to access the lessons from their electronic devices at home. Many don’t know their log in information. I will see what I can find out tomorrow for them and get back to you.

Tomorrow I will be sending an invitation to each student in my classes through their district email and cc’ing their parent(s). I will also be putting hard copies of the assignments in the mail.

You or your child can reach out to me via my district email if they have questions, concerns or need anything. I can set up Zoom meetings on line if they need me to help them that way.

If you call my district voicemail I can retrieve it easily through my email at home. Please let me know what you need. We will get through this!

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December 4

End of the Semester Information

I can hardly believe it is already December! This year has flown by.

Here are some dates to keep in mind for the rest of this month as well as in January.

The week of December 16th Dearborn High will be hosting our first ever Charity Week. The money collected during the week will go to the Gift of Life, which supports organ transplants. At this point, I only know of two events that will be happening. On Friday, December 20th, waffles and hot cocoa will be for sale for breakfast. Also, students can purchase a pass to participate in an activity during 2nd or 5th hours. The prices have not been determined yet.

On December 20th there will be a Late Start.

Winter Break will start at the end of the school day on December 20th and classes will resume at 7:20 on January 6th.

I will post another reminder in January about upcoming dates. Here they are for your planning:

1/15 – Half Day for high school students (1st and 2nd hour final exams)
1/16 – Half Day for high school students (3rd and 4th hour final exams)
1/17 – Half Day for all students (5th and 6th hour final exams)
1/20 – No School for MLK Holiday
1/21 – Half Day for students
1/31 – DHS Talent Show

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November 22

November 22nd

Please look for your child’s report card and IEP progress report today. They were passed out during 4th hour today.

A quick reminder there will only be school on Monday and Tuesday next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 4

Nov. 4th

Just two reminders.

  1. There will be no school for students tomorrow
  2. Thanksgiving Break begins at the end of the day on November 26th. There will be no school on November 26, 27, or 28.
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