April 21

April 21

Here is the schedule for the week with on-line learning:

Sunday at 12 pm all work for the week will be available. Students should check their e-mail daily and all class web sites,

Monday – Mandatory Check-In /Wednesdays – Optional or Office Hours

1st hour – 1-1:40 pm

2nd hour – 1:40-2:20 pm

3rd hour – 2:20-3:00

Tuesday – Mandatory Check-In /Thursday – Optional or Office Hours

4th hour – 1-1:40 pm

5th hour – 1:40-2:20 pm

6th hour – 2:20-3:00

Friday – All Work is Due by 10 am

Here are some quick tips to get your child on line for school.
1.  Have your child go to the Dearborn Schools Web Page and scroll down until you see the Student Portal button (and other buttons as well)
2.  Have them click on the Student Portal Button
3.  Have them click on Clever
4.  Have them log in with their school e-mail address and password.
5.  This will give them access to everything, email, Google Classrooms, iLearn Classes, and anything else they have been given permission to be on at school.

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