Test on Friday

There will be a test on Friday over the material of chapter 4.  Students have a study guide that will be collected before the test.

In Language Arts, we have read “A Christmas Carol” Act 1, scenes1-3. Students have a C.E.R. to complete as homework.  cer-xmas-carol

Our field trip to see the play is on Tuesday, December 13.

Thanksgiving Weekend Homework

On Tuesday we started the Informational Brochure project.

Students will have one class period on Monday to finish and print their brochure.  This will not be enough time to do a thorough job–it needs to be worked on as homework.

Attached are samples of what your brochure can look like.  Use as many text features as possible.  The project is worth 15 summative points (1 point for each text feature used).



Finishing the week

There will be a test on World History, Chapter 3 on Friday.

In Language Arts we will do a quick review of Informational Text Features, and do a summary project on Friday.

The $20 for the field trip to Wayne State University is due Friday.

These are the notes for Informational Text Features from today:   itf-notes-part-1

Field Trip permission slip, sides one and two: bonstelle-side-1 bonstelle-side-2