For 9-27-2019

We are all excited for the field trip on Friday.

If students are not going on the trip, there will be teachers at school for them.

Reminder: Students should bring about $7 for lunch at the food court, or pack a lunch.

Tomorrow has a nice weather forecast. It is usually cooler out on water, it would be a good idea to bring a hoodie or wind breaker.

For 9-20-19

History: We finished NWEA Language Usage today.

Language Arts: Finish the Narrative Writing activity that we started in class (Three kids running)

Summer Learning projects will be collected on Thursday. Students should do a one-page presentation paper. This project will be graded as extra credit.

Test on Friday

There will be a test on Friday over the material of chapter 4.  Students have a study guide that will be collected before the test.

In Language Arts, we have read “A Christmas Carol” Act 1, scenes1-3. Students have a C.E.R. to complete as homework. ¬†cer-xmas-carol

Our field trip to see the play is on Tuesday, December 13.