History video, ELA article

There is a new video posted in Google Classroom for Ancient World History. Please view the video and complete the activity.

For ELA, the quiz grades from the “Germs in the Bathroom” article are in the grade book.

There is a new article about “Toys R Us”.

Enjoy the article, type in answers to the cloze and turn in.

I hope everyone is doing fine. My family is all home now, and we are doing well.

Learning From Home until April

Please subscribe to this blog with your email address. I will post assignments here and through Google Classroom.

When I make assignments on Google Classroom, it will send you an email. This blog will be very helpful too.



For 9-27-2019

We are all excited for the field trip on Friday.

If students are not going on the trip, there will be teachers at school for them.

Reminder: Students should bring about $7 for lunch at the food court, or pack a lunch.

Tomorrow has a nice weather forecast. It is usually cooler out on water, it would be a good idea to bring a hoodie or wind breaker.

For 9-20-19

History: We finished NWEA Language Usage today.

Language Arts: Finish the Narrative Writing activity that we started in class (Three kids running)

Summer Learning projects will be collected on Thursday. Students should do a one-page presentation paper. This project will be graded as extra credit.