Washing The Car Language Activity:

This is a great activity for all ages, especially because we have some pretty hot days outside.

Vocabulary: Soap, bucket, wash, hose, rags, sponge, car, wheels, doors, windows, hood, roof

Verbs: washing, cleaning, spraying, drying

Following Directions: 1 step- wash the wheels, wash the windows, spray the wheels.

2. Wash the wheels and then back windwows

3. Wash the all the wheels. back windows and mirrors

Oral retell- Have your child orally retell how they washed the car.

Writing activity- Have your child write down the steps of how they washed the car using words, such as first, second, next, last.

Hope they have fun!!

Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt:

Preschoolers- Have the color in the items they find and have them tell you where they found the item.

Kindergarten- Have them color in the items they find and tell you two things about what they found ( what group it’s in (insect, plant, and what it does it do, flies, bites)

First and Second grade – Have them color in the items they find and pick 3 of the items they found, and write down 1- category (insect, plant), 2-what it does (files, bites), 3- it’s parts (stem, leaves, wings).

Third and Fourth- Have them color in the items they found and write 3 -4 sentences about the scavenger hunt. You can give them their topic sentence-Today I went on a scavenger hunt and I found these items. Have them write 2-3 sentences that support what they found on their scavenger hunt.

How To Make Easy Ice Cream:

Once you have made your ice cream, here are some activities you can do, that going along with it.

  1. Orally retell a parent or a brother or sister of how you made the ice cream, step by step.
  2. After you orally retell the recipe, you can write down the sequence of steps on how you made the ice cream.
  3. You can make pictures along with your sentences to explain how you made the ice cream.

You can answer these questions following the recipe:

  1. What were the ingredients?
  2. Who made the cream with you?
  3. Where did you make the ice cream?
  4. When did you make it?
  5. How did it taste?
  6. What flavor did you make?
  7. What is your favorite ice cream to eat?
  8. Why do we like to eat ice cream in the summer?
  9. When do people like to eat ice cream?