Waiting to the last minute to prepare for the SAT really helped me get a great score!

~Said No Student Ever

 We know that the SAT is becoming less of a driving factor in college admissions. However, if you are taking it then you certainly want to score well on it, which means it’s best to start preparing for it early…because when has waiting till the last minute ever been a successful plan in school? 


Timing is one of the biggest challenges for many people when taking the SAT. It’s important to practice different strategies and methods to determine the best way for you to complete the test in time. Timing your practices using the information below may be useful for you.

Reading Section
  • 65 minutes
  • 5 Passages
  • 52 Questions
You have about 13 minutes to read each passage and answer the questions for that passage.

Writing & Language


  • 35 minutes
  • 4 Passages
  • 44 Questions
You have about 9 minutes to read each passage and answer the questions for that passage


If you are a strong reader, you will do better on this test. 


Preparing for the SAT Using Khan Academy

Khan Academy Personalized Practice

If you have connected your College Board account to Khan Academy then you’ll see practice recommendations on the SAT Dashboard practice page based on your PSAT 10 scores from last year.

Practice: Take reading and writing practices, and time yourself. How fast can you read the article and answer the questions? How many questions can you get right in 13 minutes?

If you haven’t connected your College Board account to Khan Academy, you really should but you can just scroll down and choose what type of practice you want to do.

Khan Academy How-to Example Videos

If you struggle with certain kinds of practices, watch the How-to example videos on the SAT Dashboard practice page. They’ll walk you through exactly how to look at the text and the questions.

Khan Academy Tips & Strategies
This SAT Dashboard Tips & Strategies section has videos of useful information about every part of the SAT from time management to strategies for every section.
Grammar in Khan Academy

Need to brush up on your grammar skills for the Writing & Language section of the SAT? Khan Academy can help you out with that as well. The Khan Academy grammar course has lessons and practices for everything from commas to clauses.

Khan Academy Full Practice Tests

There are full practice tests on Khan Academy if you want the complete experience. You can even take them online and get a score right away. And you don’t have to take the entire test all at once. It will save your progress.

Khan Academy Challenges

Looking for a challenge? Try these!

  1. Score no more than two wrong per practice on any three consecutive reading practices.
  2. Score no more than two wrong per practice on one of each of the different types of reading practices: social science, history, science, and literature.
  3. Move up to skill level four in all four types of reading practices: social science, history, science, and literature. (Skill level is shown on the dashboard as well as in the practices. It looks like a small arch with four blocks.)


The Khan Academy is an online learning platform for many subjects but we will be using it for SAT practice since it is the only free resource with officially released materials. Juniors will take the SAT this spring.

There is also an app available for Android and iOS devices.

google play apple app store

Log in to Khan Academy at Home
  1. Go to Khan Academy.
  2. Select log in at the top right corner.
  3. Select Continue with Google.

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