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Dearborn High School – Dearborn, Michigan


  • Language Arts 5 & 6 with Ms. Pniewski

  • AP Language & Composition


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The End of the Semester








And so it begins…

We survived the first week! Getting up early was rough but we survived. The phone thing was rough but we survived. The cafeteria food has improved and most of you have comfy chairs in our classroom so we're doing pretty well, I'd say. Here are just a few things to...

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You got your SAT score. Now what?

Many students were able to see their SAT scores this week at the College Board website. Scores that aren't available yet should be very soon.   So what's a "good" score?   Want to take the SAT again? You can!   Now is the time to begin filling out the...

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5 Things to Remember for the SAT

I know, I know. You've practiced and practiced for the SAT until you think that if you hear just the letters SAT one more time you're going to scream. But you're almost done. April 11th is the big day. As we head into spring break, here is a list of five things to...

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Students should be in our Remind class group, and parents and guardians are very welcome to join as well.

Remind code for LA 5/6: @dhskubicek

Remind code for AP Lang: @kubiaplang

We also highly recommend that you get the Remind app if you have more than one Remind group.

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