The week ahead…

I just wanted to send a couple of quick reminders.

  • Starting tomorrow, Tuesday (9/8), school is from 8:55-3:50.
  • Specials (PE, Art, Music, etc.) should begin this week, but please be patient while we ensure we are ready to go with them.
  • I have been very busy preparing for your child to have an excellent education, however, please be patient with technology. There will likely be some hiccups with technology on both ends. We will get it worked out and I, or your homeschool, will be available to walk families through issues for additional tech support.
  • Below is a simple explanation of what to expect your child’s day to be like:

Elementary students will spend the time before lunch (8:55 to 11:45) working on reading and math with their teacher.  This will include a mix of lessons from the teacher, small group work with the teacher, and independent work at home.

After lunch, students will come back for other subjects, mixing in-person lessons with asynchronous (not live) learning for writing, science, social studies, art, music and more.  The afternoons will vary by day.  The last part of the day (1:55 to 3:50) will be used for asynchronous work for most students while teachers reach out for more one-on-one or small groups with students for interventions and monitoring.  

This week we will especially be working on logging into our meetings at the start of our ELA, MATH, and SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES times. Parents, I HIGHLY suggest that you set alarms for the kids to automatically go off M-F at 8:54, 10:24, & 12:24 (1 minute before class starts) to make sure they get into the habit of logging in on time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 8:55 on Zoom!

~Mrs. K