You have to complete a google slide or PowerPoint of a timeline of the American Revolution. Read #5 for more information. This is due 5/17

  1. Start by watching the following short video on the Alliance with France found at – take notes.
  2. Read about the Articles of Confederation found at and take the quiz at the end to test your knowledge.
  3. Click the link to read about the Battle of Yorktown found at – take the quiz for your own knowledge
  4. Click to read about the Treaty of Paris found at Why was this significant? Take the quiz to test your knowledge.
  5. You will be creating a Time line of the American Revolution on google slides or PPT. Your knowledge and notes from the past few weeks will REALLY help you to do this. If you have been doing your weekly assignments, this assignment won’t take you long. If you skipped the work, this will take you AWHILE to do. You have two weeks. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF. You must include ALL OF the following events found here:  You will need to write a 1-paragraph summary for each of the 17 items (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) and accompany it with a picture you find on google images. Be sure to find and include a CORRECT picture. Also, you MUST include your dates on this google doc as it is still a TIMELINE. You will be numbering your items instead of placing them along a horizontal line. We will discuss this further in our class meeting.  
  6. Watch Episodes 39-40 on Liberty’s Kids – These are the LAST episodes ☹

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