WRITING 4/27-5/1

You will be using the information your uncovered on your president (and put on your graphic organizer) to complete this weeks’ research. Your typed 25 facts, and draft are BOTH due on 5/3

Your assignments:

Research:  Worth 20 points
     1.  Students are to type up 25 facts about their person.  These facts should be in the student’s own words.  They are NOT to cut and paste from internet sites.  That is plagiarism. This needs to be your OWN WORK.
     2.  Each fact should be a complete sentence with correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
     3.  The facts should include why their person is famous as well as interesting facts about their life.  (8 Early life/9 during their president term/8 After their presidency term – if they died while in office, add an even split to early life and during their term)
     4.  These facts should be typed on a google doc and submitted by 5/3. Typed should be Arial or Times New Roman Fonts.  Size of font should be 12.

You will be using this information to draft your paper. Your draft is a 5-paragraph paper. Intro paragraph, 1st body (early life), 2nd body (career highlights), 3rd paragraph (post presidency/end of life), conclusion paragraph.

Biography Paper:  Worth 30 points.  

     1.  The paper has correct spelling, capitalization, and grammar
     2.  The student’s name, number and date are on the paper in the top right-hand corner
     3.  An opening HOOK sentence that explains why the person is so famous
     4.  A proper closing statement that gives value to your person’s life and accomplishments
     5.  Flow of your writing and paper are important
     6.  At least three paragraphs that compile your president’s early life, professional time in government and as president, and finally their live after presidency. Include birth, death, spouse, and children if applicable.

FINAL COPY OF YOUR PAPER WILL NOT BE DUE UNTIL 5/17 However you have other assignments that are due before so DO NOT put off this assignment.

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