READING 4/27-5/1

Continue to complete the STUDY GUIDE given last week on Bud, Not Buddy. You will watch the three chapters (links below), answer the questions on your study guide, and also the comprehension questions below each link. EMAIL me a google doc that has all questions from this week’s readings (chapters 4, 5, and 6).

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 4

Comprehension Questions for Chapter 4

1. Why did Bud get rid of the gun?

2. Why did Bud fill the jar with water? What did he do with it?

3. How does the author’s tone affect your mood?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 5

Comprehension Questions for Chapter 5

1. Where did Bud want to go hide out? Why?

2. Why did Bud almost start crying when he got there?

3. Why was Bud’s mom mad about the cowboy hat?

4. Why does Bud insist on being called Bud, not Buddy?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Reading Comprehension Questions

1.Why did the man in the overalls call Bud by the name Clarence?

2. Why did the mom and dad keep slapping Bud on the head?

3. Why do you think the pretend family treated Bud the way they did?

4. Do you think it would have been okay for Bud to lie to the man that told him to step out of line? Why or why not?

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