Sound Project

Dear Parents,

We will begin working on our sound project in science. 

This is the problem the students will be working on in regards to sound:​

​*​What can you create that will help people who have lost their hearing?​*​

​*​How can you use different materials to create a device to help people with hearing loss?​*​

So I will need some donated supplies from you all. Please do not buy anything, since most of the items can be found at home. Some ideas are:

  • empty boxes- different sizes
  • empty paper towel  or toilet paper rings
  • string or yarn
  • tape
  • the inside of a wrapping paper roll
  • pipe cleaners
  • straws
  • plastic or paper cups in different sizes
  • ​empty WASHED OUT pop bottles or water bottles​

The students will be drawing out their designs first. They will be in design teams and we will continue to discuss what shapes and items catch sound better increase/carry sound waves. 

Thanks you for your help and enjoy your ​weekend.

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