Sound Project

Dear Parents,

We will begin working on our sound project in science. 

This is the problem the students will be working on in regards to sound:​

​*​What can you create that will help people who have lost their hearing?​*​

​*​How can you use different materials to create a device to help people with hearing loss?​*​

So I will need some donated supplies from you all. Please do not buy anything, since most of the items can be found at home. Some ideas are:

  • empty boxes- different sizes
  • empty paper towel  or toilet paper rings
  • string or yarn
  • tape
  • the inside of a wrapping paper roll
  • pipe cleaners
  • straws
  • plastic or paper cups in different sizes
  • ​empty WASHED OUT pop bottles or water bottles​

The students will be drawing out their designs first. They will be in design teams and we will continue to discuss what shapes and items catch sound better increase/carry sound waves. 

Thanks you for your help and enjoy your ​weekend.

New Behavior Chart

Dear Parents, 

Our classroom will NOW use a clip chart to monitor behavior. A clip chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behavior, while discouraging negative behavior. Each student has a clip with his or her number on it. Everyone will start on green at the beginning of each day, and clips can be moved up and down throughout the day based on behavior.

If your child receives 3 yellow OR 2 oranges OR 1 red; they will NOT be participating in our Green Party we will begin having monthly starting in November. They may also get other special things taken away such as class parties, etc. 

It is very important that we are encouraging our students to make the best choices, to be respectful, and to always be honest and willing to fix their mistakes. This clip chart will hold them accountable. If your child comes home on a color that is yellow, orange, or red they should be talked to at home about this behavior as it is unacceptable. In their planners, I will be circling their colors DAILY. So now when you SIGN their planner not only check their homework, also check their behavior color for that day.

Thank you for your support, 

Ms. Krawczyk

Halloween Schedule

Our schedule for Halloween is:

We will visit the pumpkin patch at 10:25. Pictures will be available for your child to purchase for $3. Each child will get a pumpkin and we will do an in class activity after they get them.

Our class will march in the Halloween parade at 2:55. You are more than welcome to come watch our class walk in the parade.

Field Trip

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that our field trip to Wiards Apple Orchard is this Friday. We will be leaving Geer Park at 9:00 am, so please be sure your child is at school on time. Also, please send a packed lunch that can be thrown away and be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be outside all day, so they will need a coat and possibly a hat and gloves.

Thank you,

Ms. Krawczyk

Apple Orchard Field Trip

Your child will be coming home with a permission slip for our first field trip. We will be going to the apple orchard on October 11th. The trip costs $11 per child. Please send cash only.

If you are interested in chaperoning you must have an IChat background check form on file in the office. This takes 10 days to process so make sure it is done as soon as possible. If you have any questions about that please ask me or the office!