Apple Orchard Field Trip

Your child will be coming home with a permission slip for our first field trip. We will be going to the apple orchard on October 11th. The trip costs $11 per child. Please send cash only.

If you are interested in chaperoning you must have an IChat background check form on file in the office. This takes 10 days to process so make sure it is done as soon as possible. If you have any questions about that please ask me or the office!

Week of 9/9

Important information for this week

  • Open House is this Thursday from 6:00-7:30. I hope to see you all there!
  • We will have our first math quiz this week. It will be on taking apart numbers and making 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • The book fair is this week. We will go as a class to preview the book fair on Tuesday afternoon. If your child brings money the rest of the week, I will find a time to send them down to buy.


We begin spelling this week. Your child will have a notebook that is kept in their reading bag. Below is the spelling homework that is assigned nightly. IF it is finished in class it is not homework then. The poetry book stays in school and is assigned during our Literacy Block. The students will be given words that illustrate the spelling pattern. The given words are the hot words. On Friday students will be given the hot words plus 3 new words (cold) that have the same pattern. This is to ensure that the spelling pattern is transferring and not just memorized. There will also be 5 sight/dolch words that are assigned for the test. These are first grade words that the students need to know.

Spelling Week 1: -an  & –ap family

van, man, plan, pan, gap, flap

Dolch words: find, three, funny, was, but


Monday- Write each word 3 times each in a different color

Tuesday- Poetry (this is done in class)

Wednesday- Vowels and Consonants

Thursday- Study the words with an adult or older sibling

Friday- Test

Meet the Principal

All are welcome to join Mr. Lawera and Superintendent Maleyko for the Meet the Principal event.

Wednesday, August 28 from  4:00 – 5:00 pm 

Location:  Media Center  كلكم مدعوون للانضمام إلى السيد لاويرا والمشرف ماليكو لحضور اللقاء مدير المدرسة الجديد
الأربعاء 28 أغسطس من الساعة 4:00 إلى الساعة 5:00 مساءً

الموقع: المركز الإعلامي

Welcome Back Letter


Geer Park Elementary School

1st Grade Team

Mrs. Fargo

Mrs. Gutierrez

Ms. Krawczyk 

We would like to formally welcome your child to our first grade classes. We are also pleased to see new faces and are hopeful for a successful year.  The following packet contains information pertaining to our classroom procedures and policies. We hope you find it useful. There will be more information coming soon regarding upcoming parent meetings and Open House. 

Instructional Focus– The instructional focus is driven by the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will be actively participating in setting their own personal learning goals for the year that align with these standards. Dearborn Public Schools requires that all students complete a My Learning Goal sheet. On this sheet, students will set their goals with guidance from the teacher. This goal is the student’s responsibility to meet with the help and support of both the teacher and parents. This sheet will need to be signed by all three parties and will be revisited throughout the year, by the teacher, to check for progress. Also, classroom instruction will be focused through Content Objectives and Language Objectives to promote both content, academic, and oral language. Objectives will be shared before a lesson with a reflection component at the end of each lesson. Dearborn Public Schools will be continuing to use the Eureka Math program this year. It has a strong Common Core focus. 

Student Expectations- It is essential students arrive promptly every day. Excessive tardiness and absences will be tracked. Students are expected to be prepared for class with all their necessary materials. All students must put forth their best effort daily in order to meet all expectations.

Homework –  The students are assigned to read for 15-20 minutes each night from their black reading bag, library books, home book collections, and/or Mobymax.  We will discuss the expectations for this in the weeks to come. Students will have spelling class work daily. If it is not completed in class, then it is their responsibility to finish at home. A spelling test is given every Friday.  Spelling words will be written in their planner, posted on our blogs weekly, and the spelling homework guidelines will be located in their spelling notebook. Math homework will come home approximately 1-2 days a week. All homework is to be returned the next day.  Please encourage your child to be responsible about doing his/her homework. Students are responsible to record daily assignments, behavior and important news in their planners. Planners are to be signed by a parent/guardian daily indicating that the homework was completed and checked. 

Communication Folder & Data Folder– All students will be provided with a Geer Park Communication Folder.  Students are required to bring this to class daily.  Here you will find any unfinished classwork/ homework, teacher notes, and handouts. This is a blue folder and is similar to the one they used last year. Students will also have a data folder that will contain information regarding assessments and their current goals. This folder will be located in their black reading book bag. Please refer to this folder weekly to check your child’s data. 

Supplies– A supply list was sent to all students back in June indicating what is needed. Hopefully our classrooms get enough supplies to last throughout the year. Below is a Wishlist. Any items that you could donate would be tremendously appreciated. This year we started a mandatory morning and afternoon recess. Sometimes the weather doesn’t permit us to go outside. Therefore, indoor games would be needed and are listed below. 

Wishlist: (Try the store Five Below)

  • Candy Land
  • Connect Four
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Memory Match Games
  • Age Appropriate Puzzles (30 Pieces Max.)
  • Twister
  • Trouble

Birthdays/SnacksBirthdays/ Snack – You’re welcome to bring in a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday. No colored frosting because it stains everything (vanilla or chocolate only.) We need a day notice so we can plan ahead. Please provide the necessary paper products as well.  If a drink is also provided, drink boxes work best! No sheet cakes. Healthy snacks are permitted and suggested. A snack calendar will come home soon letting you know when it’s your child’s turn to bring in snacks for the class. 

Absences – It is necessary to call the office when your child will be absent.  The number is 313-827-2300. Please send a note or call if your child will need to be dismissed early for appointments.

Questions and Concerns- Feel free to contact us via email/note in planner with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child. That way we can schedule an appointment. Subscribe to our blogs for any news and updates. Our blog pages are:

 You can contact us via email or send us a note in your child’s planner.  Please do not wait until a scheduled conference to contact us regarding concerns. 

We are looking forward to a fabulous school year!

Mrs. Fargo 

Mrs. Gutierrez

Ms. Krawczyk