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Unit 2 – Ancient Egypt and the Middle East

Chapter 7

Geography of the Early Settlements of Egypt, Kush, and Canaan

Outline/Lesson Plans

Chapter 7

The Geography and early settlements of Egypt, Canaan, and Kush


Content Objective(s)

TLW use maps to analyze how geography, environmental factors, and physical features affected early settlements.

TLW evaluate a region for human settlement based on the physical and environmental features using the text.


Language Objective(s)


1)  TLW label blank maps of the region by adding countries and important waterways.

Discuss this Essential Question with table groups.

How has geography of the land affected human settlement and migration?

2) TLW add notes and important landmarks to the maps while watching a geography lesson of this region.

7th Grade Slideshow Interactives


Watch video to support the completed map exercise!

Note taking Activity:

Vocabulary Video Review(youtube)

delta –

Suez Canal –

Dead Sea –

Slash and burn –

desalinization –

locust – “Madagascar battles locust swarm”

sand storm –


**Vocab Bonus**  What is a stereotype?

3) TLW use text to distinquish  push and pull factors to a region (7.2)

Discuss the terms push and pull factors and make a list of three reasons for each.

4) TLW draw a sketch map of the Egypt/Kush region (7.3) and discuss the push and pull factors and their relationship with human migration in the region.

Map for sketching

Use sentence stems to further analyze the region.

5) TLW draw a sketch map of Canaan (7.4) and discuss the push and pull factors and their relationship with human migration in the region.

6) TLW use paragraph stems to write an essay that compares and contrast environmental differences between two regions.  The essay should reflect how physical features affect

human migration.

7) Quiz-Essay Question


Extension: Papyrus vs. Paper – compare and contrast activity 

How to make Papyrus:


How to make Paper:

Introduction (vocabulary/primary sources)



Video Lesson  (text):

Map/Geography Challenge



Visuals/ Prezi:


Geography Challenge:

Test Review:

Practice Test:

Jeopardy Interactive:

David Macauley (video):


Chapter 8:  The Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs

Text (Prezi), Study Guide & Review:,_Kush_and_Canaan.pdf

Note Taking Activity:

Interactive Student Notebook:


Image result for rosetta stone

8.2 Ancient Egypt and Its Rulers

Making a Mummy:

About The Pharoahs: Chapter 8 Review

8.3 Pharoah Khufu: The Pyramid Builder

8.4 Pharoah Senusret I: Patron of the Arts

8.5 Pharoah Hatshepsut: Promoter of Egyptian Trade

Who tried to destroy Hatshepsut’s legacy???

8.6 Ramses II: Military Leader and Master Builder

A tale of Musa and God

Let’s Look at Pyramids:

Moving Abu Simbel (cause: Aswan Dam)

Learning through Laughter: Horrible Histories-Egypt

Crossword Puzzle:

Ancient Egypt Super Information Pack:

Practice Test: All of Ancient Egypt


Chapter 9  Daily Life in Ancient Egypt


Video Text:



Video: How monuments show evidence of early Egyptian  life:

Video:  Daily life in Ancient Egypt (interactive discussion tool)


9.2 Egyptian Social  Pyramid

9.4 Priest

9.5 Scribes

9.6 Artisans

9.7 Peasants

The Darker Side of Egypt:

Practice Test:


Chapter 10 The Kingdom of Kush




Jeopardy Interactive:

Video Recap (what else was going on in the world?)

Extension Information:

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