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6th Geography w/ (H.E.I)


Why We Teach Geography in School:

World Geography (funny)

Unit 1 Foundations of World Geography

What is Geography?

Continents and Oceans

Answer Key:

Challenge Questions:

Where is the Middle East?

Where is Central America?

Why are there 2 #11’s on the map?

Note: Use My World History CD

Practice Game:

G1.1.2 Drawing a Sketch Map of the World

World Geography: The Biggest, Oldest, Longest…

Video: If the world was a village of 100 (Intro to notetaking)

Video With Written Notes Included – notetaking practice

Unit 1 – Lesson 2: Geographical Inquiry  (inquiry based process)

Five Themes of Geography

ELA Common Core Standards
Informational Text
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
5.RI.7 Draw on information from multiple
print or digital sources, demonstrating the
ability to locate an answer to a question
quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.
5.RI.9 Integrate information from several
texts on the same topic in order to write or
speak about the subject knowledgeably.
Production and Distribution of Writing
5.W.4 Produce clear and coherent writing
in which the development and
organization are appropriate to task,
purpose, and audience.

Five Themes Introduction Rap

Five Themes Fortnite Intro

Personal Shortcut (5 Theme Lessons/Review/Project)

Textbook – Five Themes of Geography Chapter:

Location :

Brick words:  Absolute Location, Relative Location

Mortar words:  Longitude, Latitude, close to, nearby…

Place / Movement :


Brick words:  Human Characteristics, Physical Characteristics

Mortar words:  man-made, nature and/or  natural


Brick words:  Ideas, Goods

Mortar concept:  movement of people

Human Environment Interaction (HEI):

Brick Words:  Modify, Adapt, Depend

Mortar Words: change, rework,  use


Brick Words: common

Mortar concept: shared features, human features, physical features, regional, cultural

Stop video after each way to distinguish a region. Discuss small group to whole group how Dearborn is a region based on each distinguishing feature.

Interactive Practice:




Project:  Five Themes of Geography Flip Book

5 Themes of Geography Flipbook

After discussing the 5 themes of geography you will now create a flipbook detailing each of these vital aspects.  Your flipbook MUST include a cover page and then a page for each of the 5 themes (thus it will be 6 total pages).  Here are the requirements for each page:

Cover page (Title, your name, your hour, and a colored image that represents

Each theme page (Term, definition(s) of term, example of term(s), and a colored images
that represents each idea)


-human characteristics

-physical characteristics




Human Environment Interaction (H.E.I.)





– common characteristics of an area

-3 common features from Dearborn or Detroit Area






*The flipbook is worth 30 points and will graded on the content as well as appearance*

Five Theme Activities

extra info:

Unit 1-Lesson 3:   Geographic Tools and Technologies

Unit 2 The World In Spatial Terms

Video Support (review library w/ left tab)

Basic Map Skills

Map Basics

Longitude and Latitude

Michigan Maps of Interest

Human Systems

Unit 3 Population and Migration

Unit 3.1 Terms and Activities

Videos Support

( #25, 26, 27)

Unit 3.2 – Terms and Activities

Video Support

H.E.I. Issues/Global Project 


Global Warming


Natural Resources Depletion

Waste Disposal

Climate Change

Loss of Biodiversity


Ocean Acidification

Ozone Layer Depletion

Acid Rain

Water Pollution

Urban Sprawl

Public Health issues

Genetic Engineering

Governmental Issues (i.e. War)



private goods



types of economies (ex. market economy)

Global Trade (ex. NAFTA)

Humanitarian Efforts (ex. Red Cross)

Formation of Islands



Police Protection (ex. all)

Unit 4 – Culture

Extension Activities:

Island Survival /decision making