Parent Survey

Parent Survey

The district is asking for all parents to fill out this simple survey. Students if you can take a moment and have your parents complete this short survey.

Parent Survey

6th and 7th Grade

Hello everyone with the school closure we will be moving class to Google Classroom. If for some reason you are having difficulty joining our Google Classroom for 6th grade social studies or 7th grade social studies you can send me an Email

With Google Classroom we will continue to learn together. If any students or parents have questions please feel free to send me an Email. Once students are in Google Classroom you can send me a message in Google Classroom.

6th Grade

Use the following link to Win the White House.

6th Grade

6th Grade use the following link to play Branches of Power.


Do I have a right?

6th Grade use the following link to play the Do I have a right game.

Play Do I Have a Right?

7th Grade Pharaoh Research Project

Ancient Egypt Pharaohs

Greatest Pharaohs top 10

6th Grade

Use the following links to research demographic information.

Population Pyramids and Related Graphs

Population Counter

Income Per Person

Ancient Egypt

7th Grade Use the following link to write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs to help you create your cartouche.

Hieroglyphic Typewriter

Mummy Maker

Discover Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Pyramid Builder

Pyramid Builder Game

7th Grade

Footprints Video

Finding Lucy

Riddle of the Bones

Origins of Humankind