Lansing Field Trip Chaperone Update!

The chaperones have been lined up. We are truly overwhelmed with how many parents wanted to serve as chaperones for this trip! Each of our classes had many, many parents who volunteered. Unfortunately, we are extremely limited in space at the Capitol and the Museum. If you were not selected to chaperone on this trip (which was done as fairly as we could), we want to encourage you–there are several more amazing trips coming up! If you didn’t get a chance this time, you will be guaranteed a spot on the next trip (if your background check is complete). Thank you for your willingness to help!

Rescheduling Conferences

Due to the snow day, conferences were cancelled for Tuesday, November 12. A new date is being scheduled at the district level. However, if you would like to come on Thursday this week, I may be able to schedule you in because I do have some openings. Please email me if you’d like me to contact you with available times for this Thursday, November 14.

My email address is

Friction Quiz

Our friction quiz is tomorrow! The students will be quizzed on the following topics:

Draw a close up picture of what a slippery surface looks like (smooth) and a rough surface looks like (bumpy).

Determine whether a tile floor or a carpeted floor creates more friction.

Describe that friction creates heat with a rubbing motion (rubbing hands together).

Describe some things you could do to go down a slide faster.

All of these concepts and questions were part of experiments we performed in class. The quiz is meant as a summary of what the students have learned from these experiences.

Sad News For Our Haigh Family

Haigh Community,

A husband, father of 4, including a 4 month old and member of the Haigh family has passed away unexpectedly. While still respecting the family’s privacy as they grieve, we are asking for any donation that you may have so that we can help out this loving family, and members of our school and community. (please use the blue link below if you are able to donate)

Haigh School

Vocabulary Test on Monday!

Our vocabulary test has been moved to Monday. The list of words includes:

equation: number sentence

history: what happened in the past

magnet: an object that attracts and repels iron objects

fable: a story with a moral

division: an operation that shows equal groups

conclusion: the end of a story

heading; explains the main idea

adjective: a word that describes a noun

moral: lesson

island: landform surrounded by water