Halloween Week

Reminders for the week:

Halloween party on Thursday 1:30-2:30; you are all welcome to stop in.  PLEASE sign in at the office.

Halloween Parade 2:50-3:15

Friday: half day and 3rd grade chip sale to support our Lansing field trip

A note about Halloween was sent out last week, however here are a few reminders:

  • Students may wear costumes to school (no weapons or masks, please)
  • Please DO NOT send in any snacks, candy bags, or goodie bags.
  • Party– 1:30-2:30 we will be rotating through Halimi, Joachim, and Lozon’s room for fun games. No help is required, but parents are welcome to sign in at the office and come down to say hello!
  • Parade will begin at 2:50. Please be sure to get a good spot around the perimeter of the building to take some good photos.
  • If there is rain, an update will be sent out on the blog and remind.

Math Practice & More!

Our class has been working on multiplication and division. One way to help students is to practice skip counting. When your child skip counts, it’s important for he/she to hold up the fingers that go with the skip count so a connection is made between the multiplication/division fact and the skip count (for example, for 3 x 2 the student holds 2 fingers up). We do these activities daily and the students are really improving! Have fun with the videos! Click on the links below for the skip counts songs!









If you haven’t purchased a third grade t shirt for your child, we would encourage you to do so. Our goal is for each student to have a shirt to wear on our field trips, and we have the added benefit of being able to help fund our Lansing trip as well with each shirt purchased. Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide fun and educational experiences for your children!

Third Grade T Shirt Order Page